Reverse Crawl – PC

Reverse Crawl is a dungeon crawl where the player leads minions in tactical turn-based combat, through a dynamic campaign with a branching storyline.  We received a copy of the game from the developer, Nerdook, for this review.


Guild of Dungeoneering Launches

Independent developer Gambrinous, in partnership with indie publishing powerhouse Versus Evil, has announced the release of their newest role-playing game (RPG) Guild of Dungeoneering.


Path of Exile – First Look

While looking at some Diablo III postings, I saw rather a lot of spam comments trying to redirect fans over to Path of Exile.  Normally, I ignore spam and condemn the author, but there were a lot of comments, and I was curious.  A quick look around turned up a game that’s still in beta, but already has a bit of a following..

Path of Exile - Exiles


The Humble Voxatron Debut

I picked up the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle at the end of September, paying a rather small figure for a number of rather cool indie games.

The latest Humble Bundle is now out: the Humble Voxatron Debut!
As usual, it’s “pay what you want”,though if you want more than the headline game you need to beat the average paid to date.. an absolute bargain right now, as it’s still under a fiver 🙂

The headline game is an alpha of Lexaloffle’s Voxatron, a “voxel-based, old-school-gone-new platform shooter”, where you explore a world made of destructible blocks; it also comes with a voxel designer and level mapping tools, and the ability to share them with your friends!  I wonder if this will be as addictive as Minecraft.. one to explore this weekend, I think!

Also included in the Bundle are the creepy-looking dungeon explorer The Binding of Isaac, by the developers of the equally squicky Super Meat Boy, and puzzle-platform Blocks That Matter by Swing Swing Submarine.

Blocks That Matter sees you play a tiny robot called the Tetrobot, drilling blocks and recombining the materials into other blocks.. it sounds intriguing, but having installed it on my PC at work, I was unable to get it running due to some resolution issue.  I’ll be trying this one at home on the Beast instead 🙂

As for The Binding of Isaac.. I saw this advertised on Steam a while ago, and was repelled by the image of a crying boy surrounded by mutants.. however, I’m not going to let that stop me trying the game out.. that would be silly!

More Silly Things

Tonight saw triumph in Grim Batol, on Heroic..this leaves The Stonecore and Halls of Origination to do, as well as the last patch’s Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman.  Getting there, slowly! 🙂

There was also another return to the Arena, this time with three of us, as Norfolk n Chance 😉

We didn’t do too badly, with enough wins to pick up some new PvP gear and get an achievement: “World Wide Winner”, for winning a ranked match in each arena.  I hope we’ll be doing more 3v3 as it was rather good fun 😉

Afterwards came the silly, with a couple more of Vorlak’s random trinkets..

He looks rather too big for the sidecar, as I look too small for the bike..

And from one extreme to the other.. the Voodoo Gnome.. am I allowed to call this cute?

Vortex Pinnacle – Heroic

Some time ago, I had a horrible experience in Vortex Pinnacle which made me reconsider playing at all, if it meant ending up with random idiots who would sooner kick you than speak to you.

Tonight we went back for our second attempt at the dungeon on Heroic.. and we killed Ertan again, despite the extra mechanics brought in.  This meant I actually enjoyed the rest of the run, despite a few slip-ups here and there..

The wipe also allowed me to take a look around while riding the Slipstream.. it is a pretty nice looking place when you get to look 😉

I think I now have three more Heroic dungeons to get through for the set.. not including the Rise of the Zandalari dungeons, Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman, which are also on my hit list!

I am a little concerned about what I’ve heard about Disc Priests struggling here though, relating to the lack of ability for group healing.. I might therefore be forced to try Holy, which annoys me as I’d rather try it for myself, out of interest, than because of imbalanced numbers somewhere.

Fighting Terraria’s Bosses

Right now, I’m not sure whether or not I prefer this to Minecraft.  Minecraft has more potential for building amazing structures.. but sometimes it feels a bit too easy to end up wandering around without much direction.  So far Terraria seems more purposeful, with the ability to level up your character and loot or craft better gear, and with the various bosses to fight.

On our multiplayer server, we’ve already taken on the Eye of Cthulu, and next up was the Eater of Worlds, a huge worm-like creature.
Once the three of us were online, the Eater of Worlds was summoned, and we headed to our arena of wooden platforms..

This boss tunnels in and out of the ground, and using the platform means you can see him coming.. of course he still hits hard, and coming in contact with any part of his body seemed to cause damage.  You can split him into multiple worms if you damage sections of his body enough.. though then you end up with multiple bosses at the same time.

Unfortunately, I found that his head was rarely within reach, especially after dropping from the platform to avoid contact, and we did end up with a few worms by the end of the fight.

The final boss is Skeletron, found outside the main dungeon of the world.

He first appears as an Old Man, and will transform into Skeletron if you speak to him at night.  We approached during the day, and I was tempted to go into the dungeon to have a look around first, but was warned off.. entering the dungeon without first summoning and defeating the boss will result in him appearing and one-shotting the intruder.

We created a small room with a bed up on top of the dungeon, so we could set our spawn point close by.  This turned out to be a good idea, as there were a few accidental uses of the Magic Mirror during the fight.. it also meant that if any of us died, it wouldn’t leave the other two alone for long.

With all our powerful weapons, we killed him of course.. sadly this boss can only be defeated once per map.

In addition to bosses, we have also started to encounter Goblin Invasions on the server.  To enable these invasions, at least one Shadow Orb must be broken.. after that it’s a random chance each dawn while at least one player with 200 health is present on the server.

The arrival of the Goblin Army means a lot of fighting, and with some of the better weapons it’s a lot of fun, though the Sorcerers are still annoying as they teleport around.  This adds another facet at the stage when you’ve discovered much of what there is in the map, and I think this really helps to maintain interest in the game.