Wildstar Reloaded – Part 2: This time, It’s not lagging!

It’s safe to say that Wildstar has had a bit of a rough re-launch this week. Thankfully Carbine have been on the ball and have taken action to try to improve the situation for all players, with the addition of some extra hardware and more servers to spread the load, while they try to fix the back-end problems with their Megaserver technology.


I’ve used the time on the new PVE EU server, Jabbit-2, to have a proper run at the game now, as well as to poke around the in-game cash shop a bit more.


Wildstar Reloaded – Part 1: The Free to Play Model

I played Sci-Fi Western style MMO Wildstar way back when it first launched last year, and whilst my impressions were mostly positive, some of the core hooks for an MMO weren’t really ready for the big time.


A year later, Carbine Studios are releasing the biggest content update to Wildstar yet: Wildstar Reloaded (trailer). Can this new update breathe new life into the game? And more importantly, can it encourage new players to give it a try?


Back to WoW for the Iron Tide

I returned to WoW yesterday, just in time for Patch 6.0.2: The Iron Tide..

What an awesome cinematic!  I thought it set the scene for the invasion rather well.  Patch 6.0.2 adds the Iron Horde Incursion, through the Dark Portal..

Red Portal and Incursion


Sleeping Through Means Games

You might think the challenges of having a baby are greatest in those first few weeks, and that after you’ve figured out how to keep a small person alive, you’ll be able to go straight back to your previous routines.  Nope.  Do you hear that crazed laughter?  Yeah, that was me.

New challenges continually present themselves.  Keeping baby entertained, or calming him when he gets mad.. such as when his hardest efforts to crawl only result in him moving backwards across the carpet.   Keeping baby contained.. not only out of danger, but out of the cat food too!

I thought I would be back to the whole gaming and blogging thing fairly quickly.  I wasn’t prepared for how much of my world my little guy would take up, and continue to take up (though I wouldn’t have it any other way <3 ).  There’s also something about spending too much time on Facebook and Reddit.. easy to drop in and out of, especially towards the end of the day, but after a while the diminishing returns leave me even more drained.

However, there are two magical phrases that have relevance here: “getting in a routine” and “sleeping through”.

We’ve achieved the first in terms of bedtime, freeing up some time in the evenings, and had partial success with the second, which means I have a bit more energy and enthusiasm to do something instead of waiting till a socially acceptable time to go to bed!  Sleeping through means games 🙂

In the last week I’ve completed Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, run through some Adventure mode and Rifts with friends, and re-subbed to WoW ahead of the latest patch.  Oh, and started writing again.. we’ll see if I can keep it up, shall we?

World of Warcraft Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar

World of Warcraft patch 5.4 is on the way, following the story of Horde Warchief Garrosh Hellscream and his wish to form a new Horde..


World of Warcraft Patch 5.2: The Thunder King

Lei Shen has consolidated his power on the Isle of Thunder, and if he’s not dislodged, his reborn army will threaten all of Pandaria..


Sea Pony!

I was fishing the wreckage pools off the coast of Darkmoon Island, when this dropped..

I swear I wasn’t even trying! 😀

Pet Battling

I had assumed that Pet Battles would be locked, since I’ve still not picked up Mists.  I wasn’t going to pay Blizzard’s digital version, figuring I would find it a lot cheaper at the shops.. and then I forgot to pick it up when we were actually there.  I’ll get it soon enough, though, and in the meantime I’ll make a bit more progress with other games, like Dragon Age!

With my Mechanical Chicken by my side, I went out to attack.. a Dung Beetle.  Gotta start somewhere 😉



Since a friend showed me his Netherwing Drake, I’ve wanted one.. however, it required Exalted reputation with Netherwing, and this has taken rather a long time to earn via quests in Shadowmoon Valley.

I met a random player in the Mines, who was looking for Netherwing Eggs.  He was under the impression that the only way to reach Exalted was via turning in the eggs.. but I found the quests were a more reliable source of reputation gains, and while slower, they were less frustrating.  I only found a few eggs after I’d started looking for them, and when I came across a suggested route, I discovered that flying and looking around gave me motion sickness!  This has to be due to flying, as I had no problems running around looking for Easter eggs during Noblegarden.

I finally made it to Exalted yesterday, and went back to Shattrath to claim my own Drake 🙂

I picked the Veridian Netherwing Drake as the quest reward, but have also been back to Netherwing Ledge to purchase the others for 200g apiece 😀

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