Rebel Galaxy – Thoughts, Feelings, and Laser Kittens!

I’ve got a review on the go for Double Damage‘s Rebel Galaxy, however I’ve currently sunk around 12 hours into the game and I still have miles to go by the looks of it. I dislike finalizing a review until I’ve played a game from start to finish, however I feel a current thoughts post on the issue wouldnt go amiss.

If you’ve not heard of Rebel Galaxy, a brief summary of it would be if the TV show Firefly had a love child with Assasin’s Creed Black Flag‘s naval combat. It’s a space based RPG where everyone talks or sounds like they came straight out the Wild West. Heck even the music is straight up Country!

To be honest, if you read that paragraph and havent already gone “This game sounds awesome” then I’m not sure what else I can do to convince you. I’m enamoured with the game, and although the first hour or two were pretty slow and rather boring, it was well worth sticking with. I’ve gone from piloting the initial rust bucket (the Rasputin, a Hammerhead model Corvette) to a rather more deadly ship I have taken to calling the Laser Kitten (a Tennhausen model Frigate class). As you can probably tell from the name, its primarily packed with lasers. And kittens.


The best part is, that’s not even the biggest ship I can buy. I just reached the second solar system and found there are dreadnaught class vessels available for purchase. Granted the current price puts them well out of my way, but I can always be tempted to run a few side missions to earn some cash.

Y’see, the side missions are where this game has managed to steal 10 hours of my time, at least. They are kind of like MMO style sidequests, i.e. go here, kill this, or go here, collect this and return it kind of jobbies. The thing is, they are actually rather fun, and as you start upgrading your ship, more and more missions start appearing with higher rewards. Suddenly I’m earning 10k credits for dropping stuff off, or 20k for killing a load of enemies, as opposed to the 2-3k rewards I was getting to start with, plus I get to slowly wipe out the entire pirate population of a sector as I work. It’s win/win!

Each mission brings me visibly closer to my next upgrade, and it’s easy enough to say to myself “sure, one more mission before we get back on with the story”. This coupled with some fantastic weapon upgrades (seriously, whoever went “you know what would make a good broadside weapon? A shedload of lasers!” needs a friggin promotion. That person is my hero.)

Keep your eyes here for my full review coming soo. I hope. Maybe after I buy that dreadnaught.



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