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We follow bigger titles as well as indie games, interesting mods, and anything a bit different!


Meet the Team


My name’s Kristine, and these days, I’m a gaming mummy rather than a gaming addict 😉

I have a ridiculous backlog of unfinished games, and it’s a standing joke between friends that I never complete them!  I will try just about anything, though indie games, mods and Steam sales are particular weaknesses of mine.. if you’re an indie developer with a game you think I might like, get in touch.

In my previous job, I wrote articles and blog posts for other companies’ websites, but here, I do what I want, and life is rather sweeter 😉



I’m Tim.  I wear many hats, but here, I wear a Wizard’s Hat!



I’m Jason, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a massive gaming addict.  While other kids were outside playing in the sun, I was tucked away in the shed at the bottom of my parents’ garden playing games!

Nowadays I’m primarily a PC gamer, but I do own a Wii-U and PS4, and I’m not afraid to try games on different platforms.

I’m also our resident MMO expert, with some serious play time racked up on Star Wars Galaxies (creature handler ftw!) and World of Warcraft.

When I’m not gaming (or writing about games. or recording videos about games) I can be found coding, reading, or on a nice day, out on my motorbike.

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