Vermintide Launch – First Thoughts

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide officially launched on the 23rd of October. Unfortunately I was away most of the weekend so didn’t really get chance to sit down and play much of it, and I’m still playing catch up for a full review.

That said however, of what I have played so farĀ  since launch, all of the positive items covered by Kris’ first look as well as my own still stand. The combat still caries that same weight, and the game play is still ridiculously fun!

In addition, the two major areas where I had problems during the beta – the character clipping and the sound issues, also appear to have both been addressed. The clipping issue is the most obvious, there is no longer a jarring feeling of having someones torso suddenly stuck on your head, instead the other friendly characters simply fade out when they are on top of you, and start fading in as they move away. This effect was almost completely invisible to me, and I had to actively stop and play around with the player collision to work out exactly what had changed. It may seem like a small thing to most, but to me it seriously helped maintain my immersion and just made the whole experience feel a lot smoother.


The sound issue also appears to be resolved, the Sound continues to remain crisp and clear regardless of how many enemies are on-screen and how many explosions are going off in the background. I’ll be listening out further sound issues as I continue to play through, but I think its safe to say developer Fatshark are on top of the ball in this case!

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