Vortex Pinnacle – Heroic

Some time ago, I had a horrible experience in Vortex Pinnacle which made me reconsider playing at all, if it meant ending up with random idiots who would sooner kick you than speak to you.

Tonight we went back for our second attempt at the dungeon on Heroic.. and we killed Ertan again, despite the extra mechanics brought in.  This meant I actually enjoyed the rest of the run, despite a few slip-ups here and there..

The wipe also allowed me to take a look around while riding the Slipstream.. it is a pretty nice looking place when you get to look 😉

I think I now have three more Heroic dungeons to get through for the set.. not including the Rise of the Zandalari dungeons, Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman, which are also on my hit list!

I am a little concerned about what I’ve heard about Disc Priests struggling here though, relating to the lack of ability for group healing.. I might therefore be forced to try Holy, which annoys me as I’d rather try it for myself, out of interest, than because of imbalanced numbers somewhere.

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