Nexuiz – Dynamic Mutators

Nexuiz is an arena first person shooter, originally developed by Alientrap Software using a mod of the Quake Engine, but later rebuilt from the ground up using CryENGINE 3, to be published by THQ.

Dynamic Mutators allow players to change they way they play.. or the way the team plays, as Mutators come in five categories: everyone, your team, enemy team, yourself, and “WTF”.  With over 100 Mutators to choose from, there are over 1.7 million combinations available..

Nexuiz will be available on Xbox LIVE on the 29th February, with PlayStation 3 and PC versions to follow.

More Silly Things

Tonight saw triumph in Grim Batol, on Heroic..this leaves The Stonecore and Halls of Origination to do, as well as the last patch’s Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman.  Getting there, slowly! 🙂

There was also another return to the Arena, this time with three of us, as Norfolk n Chance 😉

We didn’t do too badly, with enough wins to pick up some new PvP gear and get an achievement: “World Wide Winner”, for winning a ranked match in each arena.  I hope we’ll be doing more 3v3 as it was rather good fun 😉

Afterwards came the silly, with a couple more of Vorlak’s random trinkets..

He looks rather too big for the sidecar, as I look too small for the bike..

And from one extreme to the other.. the Voodoo Gnome.. am I allowed to call this cute?