Pet Battling

I had assumed that Pet Battles would be locked, since I’ve still not picked up Mists.  I wasn’t going to pay Blizzard’s digital version, figuring I would find it a lot cheaper at the shops.. and then I forgot to pick it up when we were actually there.  I’ll get it soon enough, though, and in the meantime I’ll make a bit more progress with other games, like Dragon Age!

With my Mechanical Chicken by my side, I went out to attack.. a Dung Beetle.  Gotta start somewhere 😉

After the first few quests, I was sent off on a trail of Pet Tamers, and given the ability to capture new pets for myself..

You can capture any pet you can fight; simply beat the creature down to low health, and throw your trap at them!

I guess nobody told Blizz this was a bad idea for those with a collecting habit?

Achievements came rolling in, including Menagerie, for collecting 125 unique pets.  And of course, the reward for collecting so many pets.. another pet: Brilliant Kaliri 😀

I noticed that you can collect multiples too.. this is probably a good thing as some of the pets come in as ‘poor’ quality, meaning they’ll gain less stats.  ‘Poor’ pets will be kept for now, though I’ll swap them out as better ones come along.. every captured Battle Pet can be used as a companion pet anyways!  I’ve collected a few uncommon quality pets already, my favourite of which is a rather cute Cheetah Cub.. and one rare, a Twilight Spider.

You can take up to three pets for a battle, and thanks to my over-large collection, I don’t think I’m ever going to be short of choice!

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