Pet Battling

I had assumed that Pet Battles would be locked, since I’ve still not picked up Mists.  I wasn’t going to pay Blizzard’s digital version, figuring I would find it a lot cheaper at the shops.. and then I forgot to pick it up when we were actually there.  I’ll get it soon enough, though, and in the meantime I’ll make a bit more progress with other games, like Dragon Age!

With my Mechanical Chicken by my side, I went out to attack.. a Dung Beetle.  Gotta start somewhere 😉


Archaeology Pets

Archaeology was added to WoW as a secondary profession with the Cataclysm expansion, and one of the first things I heard about it was that I could get a pet through it.  However, I was also told that the pet depended on lots of grinding and some luck..

I’ve made a few runs for Archaeology, usually combining it with herb collecting or visiting a digsite if it was on my route, and I’ve collected a couple of toys: Ancient Amber, which traps your character in a chunk of amber for a while; the Druid and Priest Statue, which produces a beam of green light, and the Haunted War Drum, which sets a ghostly drum on the ground and plays a little drum sound too. 🙂

Only a few days back, I completed a Fossil artifact and found that my next one would be the Fossilized Hatchling!  Today, I completed it!


Taming Troll Gods

In Northern Stranglethorn, we came across Pogeyan, the Fire Spirit!  He’s a large cat with a metallic sheen to his coat, and a rare mob too.. I was about to attack him, but I was reminded that as a Hunter, I could probably tame him instead..