Wildstar Reloaded – Part 2: This time, It’s not lagging!

It’s safe to say that Wildstar has had a bit of a rough re-launch this week. Thankfully Carbine have been on the ball and have taken action to try to improve the situation for all players, with the addition of some extra hardware and more servers to spread the load, while they try to fix the back-end problems with their Megaserver technology.


I’ve used the time on the new PVE EU server, Jabbit-2, to have a proper run at the game now, as well as to poke around the in-game cash shop a bit more.


Wildstar Reloaded – Part 1: The Free to Play Model

I played Sci-Fi Western style MMO Wildstar way back when it first launched last year, and whilst my impressions were mostly positive, some of the core hooks for an MMO weren’t really ready for the big time.


A year later, Carbine Studios are releasing the biggest content update to Wildstar yet: Wildstar Reloaded (trailer). Can this new update breathe new life into the game? And more importantly, can it encourage new players to give it a try?


P.A.M.E.L.A. – Greenlight Campaign

Indie micro development team NVYVE Studios today released the Rebirth trailer for P.A.M.E.L.A., the open world utopian sci-fi survival horror FPS that is scheduled for release on Windows PC in 2016.


Colonies Online New Trailer

Iron Bit today announced a new trailer for its Sci-Fi action MMO-sandbox title, Colonies Online, currently available for PC on Steam Early Access.


Galaxy of Trian Announced

Independent studio Other Games Ltd. and Creative Maker LLC will be bringing tile-based science-fiction strategy game Galaxy of Trian to digital platforms in 2015.


The Humble Indie Bundle 4!

The Humble Indie Bundle 4 is now out, with another bunch of games to sit accusingly on my Steam list until I play them 😉

This time we’ve got: Jamestown, a scrolling arcade shooter by Final Form Games, music platformer Bit.Trip Runner by Gaijin Games, Super Meat Boy, the slightly-squicky puzzle by Team Meat, Shank, by Klei Entertainment, and Night Sky by NICALiS, which I already had from a previous bundle.

The bonus games this time were a sci-fi strategy called Gratuitous Space Battles, from Positech Games, and Cave Story+, a 2D platformer by NICALiS, which has been updated slightly from the original for this version.

I’m glad it’s nearly Christmas.. I need more time in the day! 😀

Flash Forward

Interesting and very cool TV show tonight on Five – Flash Forward.

Pretty much – everybody blacks out, but during this time they all get visions of their futures.. and it turns out that they all had visions of the same time and date.
Cue lots of meetings and discussions as to what exactly is going to happen at that time, including the future of the investigation they’re currently undertaking..

I’m not going to hurt my head by thinking about the whole “are they doing this investigation because they saw themselves investigating when they had the flash forward, and if they’d not had the flash forward would they even BE investigating”.. yeah..

Both Tim and I thought it reminded us of Stephen King’s “Cell”, which we both read recently, in which a mobile phone signal is used to turn most of the Earth’s population into mad, flesh-eating zombies.. 😀  Something about the catastrophic outcomes for some of the people, and “no more good days” thing, maybe..

I also love the idea of Suspect Zero, a mysterious guy caught on CCTV, who is unaffected by the blackout!  Bring on the next episode! 🙂