Mists of Pandaria Has Launched!

Mists of Pandaria launched at midnight last night in the UK, adding the Pandaren race, starting areas and the Pandaren continent for level 90s, and the Monk class.


Theramore’s Fall – Horde Side!

I finally got around to playing through Theramore’s Fall, the Horde version of the first of the new Scenarios for World of Warcraft.. and only just in time, really, as this was the last night where it would be available before the launch of Mists!

I would have liked to try the Alliance version, too, which takes place after the events of this Horde version.. but the highest Alliance character I have isn’t even 20 yet.  Once the new expansion goes live, the scenario will return for level 90 players, though that still means levelling an Alliance character all the way up!

The backstory for the scenario comes from the novel Tides of War: Theramore had been fortified and aided by Alliance commanders, and had subsequently come under attack by the Horde.. and though a spy had helped the attackers gain access to the city, they still lost the battle.  Garrosh had intended this, though, planning to catch the commanders all together with a highly-destructive mana bomb.

The first stage of the scenario had us rigging powder barrels on the Alliance ships.. and of course, killing the guards too 😉


World of Warcraft – Patch 5.0.4 Out!

The pre-Mists patch for World of Warcraft, patch 5.0.4, is now out!

This patch updates all classes with a new talent system, with new abilities and spells, and changes to glyphs, and amongst the other changes, adds account-wide achievements, mounts and pets, AOE looting and cross-realm zones.

There’s also the Attack on Theramore Island to look forward to; a world event which will become available in the weeks before the launch of Mists of Pandaria, due on the 25th September.


Diablo III Starter Edition and Other News

Diablo III launches tomorrow.. woop!

For those who aren’t planning to buy the game right away, there will be a Starter Edition and Guest Pass!

Information about this was originally leaked, as Battle.net account holders discovered they had access to the Diablo III beta client.. and that they were able to create characters tagged with a Starter Edition label.  Blizzard have since taken the beta down to address “an issue affecting the beta accessibility”. (more…)

The Last of the Wandering Isle

I just had a few more quests to do in the Pandaren starting area: helping the Alliance survivors with a few quests.  An NPC in the Alliance camp had a plan for removing the wrecked ship from Shen-zin Su’s side.. blow the ship free with explosives, and then heal the wound.. I was amused at the NPC’s name here: Makael Bay 🙂

While the Horde refugees had been under attack from tigers in the forest, the Alliance camp was under attack from more aggressive attackers.  I found it surprisingly awkward to snag enemies as they ran past me.. the Mistweaver specialisation at this stage has no ranged attack.  This was a first for me; most of my playtime has been as a caster, and when I started levelling a Warrior I had a gun during the early levels.

Other quests had us gather lost supplies, and then there was the None Left Behind quest, which had me rescue Injured Sailors..


Mists After the Brazier

Over the weekend, I got caught up in a second bottleneck during the quest called The Challenger’s Fires.. as masses of players clustered around the Brazier of Flickering Flames, so thoroughly blocking it that nobody could click it and make progress.


Mists of OMG So Many Pandas

I finally got my own invite to the Mists of Pandaria beta this morning, having checked my email only minutes after finding out that the Diablo III beta is open this weekend as well!  Another weekend of beta gaming?  I nearly picked up some Relentless when we went shopping, too.

I’d been told the Pandaren starting area was busy.. but I don’t think I knew the meaning of “busy” before now!


Weekend of Betas

A friend got his invite to the Mists of Pandaria beta this weekend, so while I was trying out TERA, he was busy checking out the Pandaren starting area!


Mists of Pandaria Info..

Loads of information has been released this morning about Mists of Pandaria, the next expansion for World of Warcraft!

There’s a full list of features on MMO Champion, including screenshots of the Pandaren female:


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