Theramore’s Fall – Horde Side!

I finally got around to playing through Theramore’s Fall, the Horde version of the first of the new Scenarios for World of Warcraft.. and only just in time, really, as this was the last night where it would be available before the launch of Mists!

I would have liked to try the Alliance version, too, which takes place after the events of this Horde version.. but the highest Alliance character I have isn’t even 20 yet.  Once the new expansion goes live, the scenario will return for level 90 players, though that still means levelling an Alliance character all the way up!

The backstory for the scenario comes from the novel Tides of War: Theramore had been fortified and aided by Alliance commanders, and had subsequently come under attack by the Horde.. and though a spy had helped the attackers gain access to the city, they still lost the battle.  Garrosh had intended this, though, planning to catch the commanders all together with a highly-destructive mana bomb.

The first stage of the scenario had us rigging powder barrels on the Alliance ships.. and of course, killing the guards too 😉

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything other than a bit of Archaeology or low level quests.. and I’m not used to the changes brought in by patch 5.0.4. yet.  Not that I couldn’t cope with the fights.. but if I’d been playing with randoms I’d have been anticipating somebody bitching and moaning about DPS meters.

After rigging up six barrels, the ships were blown up and we went on to fight Baldruc, the Gryphon Master, and his gryphons.  As a caster, I didn’t like his totems as I had to leave them for melee, but I was pleased by the additional enemies running up during the fight.. it keeps people on their toes at least!  I went after the Arcanists with pleasure, in revenge for their polymorph attacks!

One of the talents I’d picked up after patch 5.0.4 was the Angelic Feather.  I’d picked it up for exploring and because of all the times I’ve found myself falling behind when other classes used their speed boosts, but it actually came in useful when we faced Big Bessa, the huge siege engine.. as it came after me, I simply stuck a feather on the ground and sped out of range of its attack 🙂

The last fight was Hedric Evencane, inside the citadel.. another rather easy fight.. and then down to see the captured spy, Thalen Songweaver.  I wanted to leave him shackled, but we had to let him go.  As he created a portal for us to escape, we got to see the goblin ships arrive with the mana bomb, and drop it down onto Theramore..

For completing the scenario, we received our achievements as well as a Guild Scenario Challenge!

I also finally achieved Got My Mind On My Money, which would probably have taken a few more weeks if I’d stuck to the wandering around that I have been doing.  Saying that, I now have the Voodoo Figurine through Archaeology, so it’s not all bad 🙂

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