Mists After the Brazier

Over the weekend, I got caught up in a second bottleneck during the quest called The Challenger’s Fires.. as masses of players clustered around the Brazier of Flickering Flames, so thoroughly blocking it that nobody could click it and make progress.

Like with the earlier bottleneck around the Edict of Temperance, there was spamming of a broken macro, many abusive messages from those waiting, and rather a lot of rage too.

Again, there were calls for people to stand back.. with so many standing and sitting on the Brazier, nobody could interact with it.  Simply standing back a little would have allowed people to click it and move on.. but hey, common sense?  There were attempts by some players to form a line, but as nobody was making progress, the line wasn’t moving..

One of the “solutions” is to relog, and another is to change graphics settings, both in hopes of catching the Brazier before the game loads everyone else in.  This would give players just enough time to click it and get on with the quest.  This didn’t work for me as my PC is rather good.. I even tried exiting the game and relaunching it, but it still loaded the unwanted bodies of other players too quickly to allow me to get at the Brazier.

However, after leaving the beta alone in disgust for a while, I logged in and saw the Brazier for a split-second.. this time I positioned myself in reach of the Brazier and quit the game, then the next time I loaded in I was ready to right-click straight away.  Finally!  So, the solution for the Brazier of Flickering Flame’s bottleneck is to position yourself in arm’s reach of the Brazier, come out of the game entirely and stay out for a few minutes.. then log in ready to right-click immediately!

After lighting my Challenger’s Torch, I was able to go and light the other three braziers around the room, and move on to the next quest: defeating Master Li Fei.  Fortunately, the bodies of the others players didn’t get in the way here, and I was on to the next quest while others were still yelling and spamming macros!

Moving on, there were far fewer players in any one place, though it was far busier than our regular server, Shadowsong, and there were only a few instances where I had to wait to grab a quest item.  I’d wish for more players on Shadowsong, but I think I’d find them irritating when they decided to spam the General and Trade channels as much as some of these players do.  Lots of players were still spamming about the earlier bottlenecks, and there were many repeated questions which players could have answered for themselves if they’d only read the quest text, or applied a bit of common sense!

I came across a rather well-themed task in The Lesson of Dry Fur: crossing balance poles to the centre of one of the Singing Pools to ring a bell, without falling into the pool, and then The Lesson of the Balanced Rock: defeating Tushui Monks on top of the balance poles!  I had no problem jumping from one pole to the next, and didn’t fall in once.. I wonder if this only happens if you’re too slow to defeat one of the Monks.

The Singing Pools have been cursed by the creatures dying in it, so landing in any pool means you are transformed into that creature.. you then have to leave the pool entirely before you are transformed back again.. and as a frog or other small creature, you can’t jump back up onto a pole and instead have to go back to the beginning! 🙂

The next “problem” quest was Something Tough, which has players collect 8 Hard Tearwood Reeds.  These were scattered around the pool, but often right next to balance poles, with the pole’s hitbox preventing interaction with the reeds.  One solution here was to zoom right in and aim at the base of the reeds; my solution was to run around the edges of the lake instead, and grab the reeds which were easier to click on without messing about!

I was amused by another quest shortly after this: The Rewritten Wisdoms, in which we had to burn scrolls of wisdom which the hozen had defiled.. it turned out that “defiled” meant “painted over with their own phrases”, such as “Mouth only hole that banana go in” or “Firecracker for throwing, banana for eating”!

Another quest took us out in a balloon to speak to Shen-zin Su, the giant seaturtle..

Shen-zin Su is in pain thanks to a “thorn” in his side.. the next quests lead up to helping him with this problem.

Having reached level 10, I was asked to choose a class specialisation: Brewmaster (tank), Mistweaver (healer) or Windwalker (DPS).  I picked Mistweaver.. here’s Soothing Mists, a channeled heal which has a 20% chance to regenerate 1 Chi.

I haven’t quite finished off the last quests and reached the point where I choose Horde or Alliance.. the choice is presented after completing the final quest in the area.

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