Majesty 2 – Completed!

Well, I’ve completed the campaign at least.. I have the extra missions, and various expansions to go! 😉

I was surprised, but pleased, by how tough some of the missions have been.. The Royal Feat caused me some trouble, though it did teach me to get heroes started on enemy nests as soon as possible, both for levelling and so that they start earning and spending reward money.

The next mission was the Mortal Foibles of Kings, in which I had to capture and defeat King Rat..


Majesty 2 – The Royal Feat

I picked up fantasy kingdom sim Majesty 2 a while back, and though I found the tutorial and first few missions fairly easy, I ran into a bit of a brick wall at The Royal Feat.  In order to prove my worth to the people of Ardania, I must perform a Royal Feat: that is, kill Rafnir, the oldest and most cunning of dragons!  As Rafnir is nearly invulnerable, thanks to various magic, I also have to seek out a witch and do her bidding so that she will remove this protection.

My Sean Connery sound-alike advisor said that Rafnir would attack if he sees my flag.. but I found him marauding through my kingdom on day 2, before any of my buildings were even completed and certainly before I’d set any flags!

On this first visit, Rafnir informed me that he didn’t come here to eat my underfed heroes.  Well, as I didn’t have any buildings yet, I didn’t even have any heroes!  Before he flew away again, he blasted away the progress I had made on my Ranger’s Guild..


Majesty 2

Paradox Interactive’s strategy Majesty 2 is another game I saw a long while back, via demo, and like many other games, I decided to wait till a price drop before picking it up.  The Steam Summer Camp Sale provided the price drop in the form of the Paradox Fantasy Pack, and there we have it..

In Majesty 2, you are the last heir to the throne, and the last hope of the Kingdom.  King Leonard, who held the throne previously, wanted to make a name for himself and so summoned a fearsome demon, the Baron of Hell.. who promptly defeated the King and took the throne for himself.. 😉

Your first task is to learn how to play, aided by a narrator who sounds like a rather dodgy Sean Connery, and some very easy tasks.

Starting with just the castle, you create your town by picking buildings for your peasants to get to work on, starting with the marketplace, a tower or two for defense, and Hero Guilds, such as the Warrior’s Guild.

All you have to do is place the building where you want it, and the peasants do the rest..

Once you have completed a Heroes Guild you can then hire heroes, who you can then get to do your bidding via the setting of explore, attack and defend flags.  Well.. if you offer a reward, that is..

During the tutorial, my explorers seemed to wander the map freely, but after that they needed enticing with some reward money on the flags.  An easy task, such as exploring just into the fog of war, or defending a nearby building, seemed to only need 100 gold to attract interest from a hero, while missions further afield needed a larger reward to get any interest.

More difficult tasks require more heroes to take part, and also then need a larger reward.
I failed to get enough heroes to defend the trade caravan on my first attempt at the Engine of Commerce quest, as it started off further from town and had plenty of attackers on the way.

The game has an interesting economy.. spending more gold on rewards for tasks you want completed turns out to be a good thing.  Your heroes purchase goods and equipment from your Marketplace and Blacksmith with their reward money, and are therefore more effective on the next mission.. and the money then returns to your coffers via taxes!

Taxes are levied on every building; so as your town grows, your income grows too.  Caravans, which set off from Trading Posts, also bring you more gold, although they need to be protected on their journey as they attract attackers.

The tutorial continues through the first few missions, adding a few more building types and introducing more concepts.. there’s also a multiplayer mode, though as my usual gaming buddies don’t have this game, I might be leaving it alone for now.. till I think I can beat random opponents, anyway 😉


Steam Summer Camp Sale

After an amazing week away in Madeira, I returned to find Steam has yet another crazy sale going on, with lots of games at very low prices.  Should I fear for my bank balance now?

Friends have bought me a few games: Star Wars – Battlefront II, SpaceChem and my own copy of Oblivion 🙂

I’ve added to this with two tower defense style game: Sanctum and Atom Zombie Smasher, as well as a rather large bundle of Paradox Interactive games.  The Paradox Fantasy Pack got my interest because of Majesty 2, which I tried a long while back.. along with DLC for this plus the original game, it also contains a strategy game called Elven Legacy, plus follow-ups.  As Majesty 2 itself cost £5.35, and the bundle £5.89, this was pretty much a no-brainer!

Along with the Summer Camp Sale, there are a large number of “Camp Activities”, which basically amount to earning specific achievements in a variety of games to earn tickets which allow you entry into the Grand Prize Giveaway, where 100 people will win the top 10 games on their wishlist.  The tickets can also be spent on random in-game content, including map packs, extra characters, missions or vanity gear such as the Sunny Shades for TF2.  I’m only now up to 7 tickets, with a good number of achievements to get.. the HOARD one in particular is eluding me!

As for TF2.. this game has now become free, which has meant a lot more people playing!  We now even have somewhere good to play, as Jason set up his Closed on Sundays TF2 server, complete with silly Roll the Dice mod 😉
So far, the server has filled up quickly whenever we’ve played, which has meant a few good games.  Roll on the weekend!