Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence

Koei Tecmo Europe have released new videos and assets for Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence, the upcoming historical strategy simulation due for release on PS4, PS3 and PC on the 4th September 2015.

Nobunagas Ambition Sphere of Influence


Majesty 2 – The Royal Feat

I picked up fantasy kingdom sim Majesty 2 a while back, and though I found the tutorial and first few missions fairly easy, I ran into a bit of a brick wall at The Royal Feat.  In order to prove my worth to the people of Ardania, I must perform a Royal Feat: that is, kill Rafnir, the oldest and most cunning of dragons!  As Rafnir is nearly invulnerable, thanks to various magic, I also have to seek out a witch and do her bidding so that she will remove this protection.

My Sean Connery sound-alike advisor said that Rafnir would attack if he sees my flag.. but I found him marauding through my kingdom on day 2, before any of my buildings were even completed and certainly before I’d set any flags!

On this first visit, Rafnir informed me that he didn’t come here to eat my underfed heroes.  Well, as I didn’t have any buildings yet, I didn’t even have any heroes!  Before he flew away again, he blasted away the progress I had made on my Ranger’s Guild..


Indie Gala Bonus Time!

The Indie Gala Bonus has now unlocked for Valentine’s Day, adding exosyphen studiosHacker Evolution to all bundle levels!

Hacker Evolution is a hacking simulation game, with the player taking on the role of a former intelligence agent, hacking into computers and looking for exploits and information.

For those who unlocked the Big-Saver or Epic Gala Bundle, there’s also Ulrich Schnauss‘ album, Selection for Gala.

The download options for both the game and music can be found on your profile page on the Indie Gala website.