Sanctum got Updates!

FPS Tower Defense game Sanctum received some updates recently, adding new maps and towers!

Some of these updates are free, both others are via paid DLC..

Annoyingly, I see a lof of moaning on the Steam forums by ungrateful people who expect to be handed more content and not pay another penny.. despite some of these people only having picked the game up cheap in a Steam sale!  What they’re missing is that if the devs continue to work on the game, they need to continue to pay their bills and have some kind of income.. and optional DLC allows for this. I’m sure the whiners would absolutely love to go to work for nothing.. 😉

We went for a quick game or two to take a look.. it seemed that Sanctum had took a leaf out of BulletStorm’s book as we had the Penetrator and Violator in the mix, along with the rather interesting Holo and Ampfield ‘towers’, which allowed for more damage to be dealt to mobs.

I especially liked the Holo tower, which we paired with Gatlings or Penetrators.. and with the right positioning, players can shoot through the tower for a damage boost too 🙂

There was also a new weapon.. a Shotgun, which could be used for single shots, or by holding down the right mouse button, all shots could be fired at once for a rather powerful blast!  I loved this weapon, but haven’t decided which weapon is best to switch out with.  The Assault gun has the grenade alt-fire, while the Sniper allows you to hurt airborne enemies, and the Freeze gun is useful if a pack of mobs seem to be escaping the kill zone.. I guess it has to come down to balance.


Sanctum is an FPS / Tower Defense hybrid from Coffee Stain Studios.. awesome studio name!

Awesome game too, with a building phase followed by the FPS phase while the enemies come to destroy your “Sanctum”.  After each wave, you can build more towers, upgrade existing towers, or upgrade your own weapons.

After a very quick run through the tutorial, learning about the teleporters which allow you to move around quickly in the FPS phase, I joined a friend for some co-op.  The game allows up to four players, so hopefully this is one we can all play at some point 🙂

We started off with a nice row or three of towers..

Following each round, we had an amount of resources for upgrades, which we alternated between improving towers and our own guns.

After a while we’d upgraded the towers quite a way.. the higher up the level, the more impressive the tower..

The slowfields were useful for keeping the enemies in front of certain towers for longer, although they slowed us too.  I found the Gatling towers created a nice shortcut between rows, allowing me to avoid the slowing effects.. but there was a rather nice touch in that the sound slowed down and changed pitch while on a slowfield, with the effect being stronger on more upgraded spots as you’d expect 😉

Some of the enemies were easier to deal with than others.. the flying enemies are normally the ones I have trouble with in Tower Defense, as they bypass my mazes, but our nicely upgraded towers at the back didn’t seem to have too much trouble.

All the enemies had a weak spot, but these were highlighted in orange so it was easy to know where to shoot.. the only difficulty was with the enemies with weak spots on their bobbling, swaying heads, which I dubbed an unrepeatable name. 😉

We had picked Endless mode, but with a few hours’ play and no sign of being defeated, we decided to leave it and come back another time.. hopefully with four of us 😉

Steam Summer Camp Sale

After an amazing week away in Madeira, I returned to find Steam has yet another crazy sale going on, with lots of games at very low prices.  Should I fear for my bank balance now?

Friends have bought me a few games: Star Wars – Battlefront II, SpaceChem and my own copy of Oblivion 🙂

I’ve added to this with two tower defense style game: Sanctum and Atom Zombie Smasher, as well as a rather large bundle of Paradox Interactive games.  The Paradox Fantasy Pack got my interest because of Majesty 2, which I tried a long while back.. along with DLC for this plus the original game, it also contains a strategy game called Elven Legacy, plus follow-ups.  As Majesty 2 itself cost £5.35, and the bundle £5.89, this was pretty much a no-brainer!

Along with the Summer Camp Sale, there are a large number of “Camp Activities”, which basically amount to earning specific achievements in a variety of games to earn tickets which allow you entry into the Grand Prize Giveaway, where 100 people will win the top 10 games on their wishlist.  The tickets can also be spent on random in-game content, including map packs, extra characters, missions or vanity gear such as the Sunny Shades for TF2.  I’m only now up to 7 tickets, with a good number of achievements to get.. the HOARD one in particular is eluding me!

As for TF2.. this game has now become free, which has meant a lot more people playing!  We now even have somewhere good to play, as Jason set up his Closed on Sundays TF2 server, complete with silly Roll the Dice mod 😉
So far, the server has filled up quickly whenever we’ve played, which has meant a few good games.  Roll on the weekend!