Majesty 2 – Completed!

Well, I’ve completed the campaign at least.. I have the extra missions, and various expansions to go! 😉

I was surprised, but pleased, by how tough some of the missions have been.. The Royal Feat caused me some trouble, though it did teach me to get heroes started on enemy nests as soon as possible, both for levelling and so that they start earning and spending reward money.

The next mission was the Mortal Foibles of Kings, in which I had to capture and defeat King Rat..

I’d heard that this was another tough level, and the rat attacks were fairly relentless with King Rat himself appearing from the sewers in my base, but I set my heroes to defend a tower by the nearest sewer, and they levelled up on the streams of rats while earning money for better gear.  I liked the cheese-baited trap the mission provided to capture the King 🙂

I struggled again wth The Gold of Chyort as it wanted me to save up rather a lot of money while chasing down Rogues and defending my Kingdom.  Destroying the Rogues’ Hideouts provided 5000 gold each, and the Merchant escort quest provided another 10,000.. but I was spending it on rewards and upgrades almost as soon as it came in.  The Orb of Sidrian helped to increase tax money.. in fact I hadn’t even noticed I could use it before this level!

Recruiting fewer heroes and ignoring most of the upgrades seemed to be the recommended tactic, so I started with a smaller group of Rogues and Clerics, attacking the Hideout to the north and then rushing the Merchant quest and trading posts.  I prefer having more heroes, but the experience gained from the various targets here was then shared between fewer heroes, so they ended up levelling higher than usual.  They still weren’t strong enough to stand up to the invading Elementals, and I started losing buildings, but was saved by the buzzer!

While looking for others’ tactics, I’d seen that Trouble with the Afterlife was supposed to be quite tough too.  However, I found it fairly easy, more about handling the constantly-spawning Dark Portals and invading enemies than worrying about the Lich.  This meant I had a well-levelled, well-equipped army of heroes, and when they came to fight the Lich they were up to the task 🙂

I found four of the last five missions really tough..

On my first attempt at The Eternal Love, the Skeleton King found me within only a few days, spammed his AOE knockback and killed the few heroes I had.. game over!  On the second attempt, he didn’t stop off at my base and just wandered past.. whether because my buildings were further south, or because no hero crossed his path, I don’t know.

Once I completed the quest in the north-west, the King’s followers turned to ash.. but I still wanted to put off the fight for a while as the AOE had been enough to one-shot my heroes and they were still rather low-level.  If you don’t go to him, eventually, he will come to you.. but after building and upgrading everything I could, I set a large reward and watched my heroes go off to do battle.  Many fell, even with the assistance of Majesty spells.. but the King died before I ran out of heroes!

Beating The Eternal Love rewards the player with the Scepter of Sidrian, an AOE damage dealer which I found rather useful in the next mission.. Pretenders to the Throne.  This level has you deal with two warring groups who also want the crown.. your crown.. and you start the mission right in the middle of their battleground!

I found it hard to get going because I was being attacked from both sides, with new buildings often being razed before they were completed.. I’d fend off one attack only to find another wave of enemies stomping their way in somewhere else..

Eventually I discovered that the Trading Post just south of my Kingdom was outside of the patrolling area of either Pretender.. this meant a safe source of money and a relatively safe place to start new buildings.  The difficult start on the level meant that when I did get strong enough to attack the enemy bases, I did so with glee.. killing off their bases was a lot more satisfying than wiping out vampires or ogres! >:D

Bloody Offenses served as a break after the last level.. although Vampires are hard to fight, I felt I was given plenty of room to build, upgrade and get my heroes levelled.  As I was able to build freely, I was also able to get some Dwarven towers up to kill any invaders.. and then I picked the vampires off one at a time 🙂

The Demon’s Advisor was the penultimate mission, and I felt I’d only just scraped through when I did eventually beat it.  The first challenge of the map is the Ogre problem: three Ogre dens close to your starting area.  Attacking them early risks losing heroes, but leaving them too long means more Ogres spawning and then stomping their way in.  My tactic here was to fend off the ogres and defend the trading posts so I could save money and upgrade buildings.. I especially liked the escort quest in this mission as it provides a chunk of cash and a fully-built Trading post 🙂

The Imp Advisor really isn’t scared of getting his hands dirty, and ploughs his way into the Kingdom after a while.. having seen that he had 50,000 HP, I wanted to get all researches done and the heroes levelled up, but I couldn’t get all this done alongside dealing with the constant streams of Demons from the north and Werewolves from the south-east.  Too much Sacred Heal, perhaps 😉

When he reached the Kingdom, my heroes seemed unable to cope with him; my Clerics were unable to keep the Warriors and Dwarves alive against him and the Elementals who came along too!  I only eventually beat the level after saving a lot of money for Majesty spells, to freeze him and heal or resurrect my heroes while they fought, throwing out the game’s ‘indirect’ style of fighting somewhat!

The last mission was The Return of His Majesty, featuring the Baron of Logic.. another enemy which attacked my Kingdom before I had more than a few low-level heroes, flattening buildings with just a few hits.

The rather obviously intended mechanic here was to draw him away by using the latest artifact, the Crown of Ardania, which summons the Spirit of the Kings; once the Spirit was out, the Baron would drop everything to run and fight him!  This got rather annoying as I needed to use the Crown over and over to prevent the Baron destroying too many buildings, meaning I couldn’t use any other artifact.

In addition to keeping an eye on the Baron’s whereabouts, this mission required the building of six Temples; three to prevent more minions being brought into existence, and the other three to weaken the Baron.  I chose to build the Temples of Death (Agrela, Dauros and Helia) first because of my hate of Elementals; I’d seen a huge cluster of their spawns at the south of the map in one of my first attempts at the level, with new ones appearing all the time.

Once I’d built the Temples and secured them with towers, I sent my heroes out to destroy all the lairs I could find before fighting the Baron and finally winning the crown.. and of course, completing the game!

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