Bundle Stars – The Majestic Indie Bundle

Heroic conflict and brutal devastation await gamers as they command and conquer fantasy kingdoms in the latest bundle from Bundle Stars.

Bundle Stars - The Majestic Indie Bundle

Featuring 9 Steam games that perfectly capture the essence of fantasy, action and RPG, the Majestic Indie Bundle gives gamers the chance to slay fire-breathing dragons, experience breath-taking mediaeval combat, build prosperous settlements, defeat the enemy, and take part in gut-wrenching sword fights.

The games are: Mount & Blade, Majesty 2 Collection (featuring three expansion packs), Hoard Complete Pack (Hoard plus both DLC expansions), Rune Classic, Crusader Kings Complete, Enclave, Forge Starter Pack (includes 30 day XP boost and the legendary Shadow Armor), Knights & Merchants (including The Shattered Kingdom and The Peasants Rebellion) and Shelter.

Mount & Blade is a highly-addictive, battle-heavy medieval action-fest featuring a world with more than a hundred unique locations where gamers can be anything from lone adventurers to a commander of armies or an owner of a village. Experience horseback combat, highly advanced and intuitive sword-fighting systems, and sophisticated AI.

Forge brings together an exemplary combination of FPS and MMO, delivering Arena Style PVP battlegrounds set in a gritty fantasy universe. As part of this bundle gamers receive a Steam key for the Starter Pack which jumpstarts the game with a Double XP boost and the legendary Shadow Armor.

For fantasy RTS fans the Majesty 2 Collection allows gamers to build the ultimate fantasy kingdom and defend their realm with noble warriors, spell-wielding wizards, or wild barbarians. The Collection includes all available Majesty 2 DLC, including the Kingmaker expansion which lets players create their own missions with the Kingmaker game editor!

With six more awesome games completing the epic line-up, the Majestic Indie Bundle encompasses dragons, Norse Mythology, multiplayer action, hack n slash, strategy and so much more, making it THE must-have bundle for fantasy, action, strategy and RPG fans.

Get games and give to charity: a percentage from every sale of The Majestic Indie Bundle goes to SpecialEffect.

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