Taming Troll Gods

In Northern Stranglethorn, we came across Pogeyan, the Fire Spirit!  He’s a large cat with a metallic sheen to his coat, and a rare mob too.. I was about to attack him, but I was reminded that as a Hunter, I could probably tame him instead..

On taming, he shrank and became a cat, but retained the metallic sheen.  I would have liked him to remain massive 😉

I had a quick look on Wowhead, and discovered that Pogeyan is one of three Troll gods: the others are Mahamba, the Water Spirit, and Tsul’Kalu, the Earth Spirit!  All three are in Northern Stranglethorn, with a three to six hour spawn time.

Mahamba is a Crocolisk, and Tsul’Kalu is a Gorilla with a silvery skin.  Both rares, with nice loot..

Tsul’Kalu can apparently drop the Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) which goes for silly money on the auctionhouse.. one I still haven’t got for Kirria.  Where I was collecting all the companion pets I could find on Kirria, on this character I think I’ll be chasing all the rare Hunter pets 🙂

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