Archaeology Pets

Archaeology was added to WoW as a secondary profession with the Cataclysm expansion, and one of the first things I heard about it was that I could get a pet through it.  However, I was also told that the pet depended on lots of grinding and some luck..

I’ve made a few runs for Archaeology, usually combining it with herb collecting or visiting a digsite if it was on my route, and I’ve collected a couple of toys: Ancient Amber, which traps your character in a chunk of amber for a while; the Druid and Priest Statue, which produces a beam of green light, and the Haunted War Drum, which sets a ghostly drum on the ground and plays a little drum sound too. 🙂

Only a few days back, I completed a Fossil artifact and found that my next one would be the Fossilized Hatchling!  Today, I completed it!

I was about to finish for the day when I realised I’d collected more than enough fragments to complete some other artifacts..

As I’d been looking forward to the Hatchling, I hadn’t been paying attention to any of the other branches.  I completed the current Dwarven artifact and noted that the next item was the Clockwork Gnome.. and very nearly finished too!

A few digsites later..

I’m now on 95 companion pets and 52 mounts 🙂

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