The Humble Bundle for Android

The latest Humble Bundle is here, and this time it’s an offering for fans of mobile gaming, as the games are available for Android mobile devices, as well as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Games in this bundle are: reverse tower defense Anomaly: Warzone Earth, by 11 Bit Studios, ambient physics game Osmos, by Hemisphere Games, and Mobigame‘s puzzle-platformer EDGE, with 2D Boy‘s classic indie game World of Goo the bonus for those paying more than the average price.

As usual, the bundle is pay what you want, with a choice in how your donation is split up: between developers, the Child’s Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Humble Tip.

Winning with Anomaly: Warzone Earth

11 Bit Studios‘ action-strategy game Anomaly: Warzone Earth came to me via Day 5 of’s Holiday Giveaway competitions!

This is a reverse tower defense set in a future Earth where aliens have crash-landed, leaving large energy domes, or Anomalies, in several major cities.  You play as the Commander, leading a platoon of armoured units into the Anomaly to explore, and then re-take the city.

The first level has you enter the anomaly, and serves as the tutorial.. setting a path for the platoon, adjusting this to avoid falling asteroids, and repairing units which took damage..

Adjustments to the path are made in the tactical view, which freezes the action while you plan your new route.. avoid obstacles, or take a second pass of a not-quite-dead tower.  I found a lot of items were dropped after killing a tower, so I aimed for them on most missions 🙂

The commander can place smoke screen and decoys, and repair your armoured units.  I found him surprisingly strong.. able to take some fire from the towers, but regenerating very quickly once out of fire again.  He went down only once, while I was planting a decoy in the middle of a large group of towers.. and even this was only a three second knockdown before he was back on his feet!

Each unit has their own strengths and weaknesses.. tanks are well armoured but less offensive than crawlers, and shield-generators are unable to fire at all.  Setup of the platoon is mostly down to the player, although some units are added as part of the story, such as the shield generator drone and tank.  As you earn money during a mission, you can upgrade units or add more to your platoon too.

This means you can play as you want.. I mostly went with an APV or tank, shield-generator and crawler and upgraded them rather than add to the platoon.’s Holiday Giveaway also provided me with a Riot Nassus skin for League of Legends.. another game I want to revisit 🙂

I love tower defense, but I loved destroying towers for a change 🙂

Merry Christmas 2011!

Finally finished with work.. and the Christmas shopping.. time for games!

Well, time for finishing off a Christmas and pony related drawing for a friend, and attempting some of the Great Gift Pile objectives on Steam!  A fairly straightforward objective was to find an Xmas present in any multiplayer level of PAYDAY: The Heist.  In the First World Bank, the presents were waiting in the vault with the money 🙂

We also noticed new “beef” masks had been added to the game.. so here’s a friendly Tyrannosaurus with a gun! 😀

More games..

A friend bought us Renegade Ops, an action game by Avalanche Studios, featuring top-down driving destruction.. there’s 4-player co-op, so I can crash into my friends while I destroy things 😉

I took up an offer a while back for a different Christmas bundle; the Intermediaware Christmas bundle which also came with copies for friends too.  This pack contained eight games from Intermediaware.. shooters: Absolute Blue, Impact and Defense of Yano, puzzle games.. Captain Backwater, Temple of Tangram, Psychoballs and Atom Antics, and turn-based board game Kabama, for one or two players.  This bundle arrived by email as promised, on Christmas Eve!

I also won another game.. 11 Bit Studios‘ action-strategy Anomaly: Warzone Earth, from Day 5 of’s Holiday Giveaway!