Merry Christmas 2011!

Finally finished with work.. and the Christmas shopping.. time for games!

Well, time for finishing off a Christmas and pony related drawing for a friend, and attempting some of the Great Gift Pile objectives on Steam!  A fairly straightforward objective was to find an Xmas present in any multiplayer level of PAYDAY: The Heist.  In the First World Bank, the presents were waiting in the vault with the money 🙂

We also noticed new “beef” masks had been added to the game.. so here’s a friendly Tyrannosaurus with a gun! 😀

More games..

A friend bought us Renegade Ops, an action game by Avalanche Studios, featuring top-down driving destruction.. there’s 4-player co-op, so I can crash into my friends while I destroy things 😉

I took up an offer a while back for a different Christmas bundle; the Intermediaware Christmas bundle which also came with copies for friends too.  This pack contained eight games from Intermediaware.. shooters: Absolute Blue, Impact and Defense of Yano, puzzle games.. Captain Backwater, Temple of Tangram, Psychoballs and Atom Antics, and turn-based board game Kabama, for one or two players.  This bundle arrived by email as promised, on Christmas Eve!

I also won another game.. 11 Bit Studios‘ action-strategy Anomaly: Warzone Earth, from Day 5 of’s Holiday Giveaway!

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