Warhammer: End Times Vermintide – First Look

Yesterday, we got access to the beta for Warhammer: End Times Vermintide, the co-op action adventure by Fatshark centred around the beseiged city of Ubersreik.  Beta sign-ups are open on the official website, and the game itself is out on Steam on October 23rd, a mere month away!

Vermintide - The Red Moon Inn


Chariot – Royal Gadget Pack DLC Out Now

With the upcoming first anniversary of the release of its couch co-op platformer, Chariot, on Xbox One, independent developer FRIMA Studios celebrated with the release of Chariot’s debut DLC – the Royal Gadget Pack.

Chariot - The Royal Gadget Pack DLC


Dead Space 3 Demo and N7 Armour

The Dead Space 3 Demo lands today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!  The demo features a single-player segment as well as the new co-op play, hostile environment and weapon crafting.

Dead Space 3 - N7 Armour (more…)

Dead Space 3 Demo Preview

I got my early access key for the Dead Space 3 demo on Tuesday, for the Xbox 360, and finally got around to taking a look last night.  As well as the usual single player missions, this demo includes a preview of the new Co-Op mode and the Weapon Crafting Arena.

The demo starts with Isaac Clarke leaving his crashed ship and wading through deep snow.. it’s a beautifully created world out here in the snow, such a harsh atmosphere and a whistling wind that made me feel cold just hearing it.  You’re prompted to hurry along and find shelter before you die of exposure.. so through the snow, past a few enemies with horrible, sprouting appendages, onto shaky, collapsing platforms..

Dead Space 3 - Hostile Environment (more…)

Torchlight 2 due September 20th!

Runic Games have announced that Torchlight 2 will be available on the PC on September 20th, 2012!

Torchlight 2 has vastly expanded on the original game, and has a huge open world with randomised levels, four customisable character classes, and online and LAN co-op multiplayer.

Players will be able to mod the game too, with TorchED, the Torchlight 2 editor coming shortly after launch!

Mann vs. Machine goes Live

Mann vs. Machine, the new co-op game for TF2 is now live!

This mode lets you and five friends work together to fight off waves of robots.. upgrade weapons, items and abilities.. and claim the spoils of war in the form of cosmetic items, in Mann Up mode.

Mann Up Mode is played on official Mann Co. servers, with entry limited to players who own a Tour of Duty Ticket.  Tour of Duty Tickets can be purchased from the Mann Co. Store for £0.59. (more…)

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