Red Faction: Armageddon

I didn’t actually complete the Red Faction: Guerrilla campaign, as I was distracted by the free-roaming possibilities.. buildings to destroy, vehicles to steal.. and the ever-respawning EDF to kill.

Red Faction: Armageddon is linear rather than open-world, which means there will be less to distract me from the story’s objectives.  I started this game on the PS3, and I’m not sure whether it’s the console controls, or the rather close-view that I’m not so comfortable with.. I felt that the player character took up far too much room on the screen at first too.

The destruction is fantastic, as expected, with plenty of explosive barrels and fuel tanks around to aid in wiping out as much as possible in an area.  My favourite weapon so far is the Magnet Gun which is great for destroying enemies and buildings.. or more accurately, destroying enemies with buildings!  The Nano Forge is a nice addition in this game, allowing the repair of buildings you actually want to leave standing.. maybe for cover, maybe to blow up again 😉

As in the last game, salvage is available everywhere, and here you use it to purchase new abilities.  Abilities and upgrades for abilities are presented on a tier system, allowing you to choose the ones you think are most useful or just coolest.. I quite like the Impact upgrade as it allows you to blast away enemies and anything else in your path.. very useful when swamped!

Leaving the campaign unfinished for now, I’ve had a quick go on Ruin Mode, chasing down a friend’s high-score..

The first map is Junction, and to unlock the next maps you need to.. destroy everything! 😀

I have indeed nabbed the top spot on the Junction map.. though I imagine it’s going to get stolen back fairly soon!

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