The Resurrected Scroll of Resurrection, and Other News

Blizzard are encouraging WoW players to bring their friends back to the game, with the latest version of their Scroll of Resurrection.  The player referring their friend gets a Spectral Mount, while the returning player gets a free upgrade to Cataclysm, a boost to level 80 for one character, and free character move if required, so they can join their friend’s realm and faction.

I may end up getting a friend to refer me, though I don’t think I’ll be using the level boost unless I can save it for a later character.  I don’t like skipping content in games, especially when it’s such a large part of the as the 1-80 levelling is.. but I can see people wanting to skip it when they’ve run through a few times.

Battlefield 3 is to get three add-ons, beginning with Close Quarters in June.  Console players will also be getting the option to rent a server, and run their own dedicated game servers with their own rules, like PC players can currently.  I think this is a great move 🙂

Peter Molyneux is leaving Microsoft and Lionhead Games, to start a new company called 22 Cans.  Having been responsible for games like Theme Park, Black & White, and the Fable series.. it will be interesting to see what he creates next!

GAME and Gamestation are having a “firesale”, with large discounts on pre-owned games in order to shift stock.  Some of the cheapest games are listed on HotUKDeals.. including some rather old games, e.g. PES 6 or SmackDown 2006.

Double Fine’s puzzle adventure Stacking is now out on Steam.. with 33% off too.  This is a brilliant game with Russian stacking dolls and a huge number of special abilities.  Another game I really should finish!

The latest version of Apple’s iPad was revealed this evening.. it will have an improved display, improved processor, and will be called “iPad”.  So much for distinguishing between the versions.. though I suspect people will still just call it “iPad 3” anyway!

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