The (Abusive) Boyfriend Trainer

There’s a somewhat controversial app on iTunes at the moment: Boyfriend Trainer, by Games2win.

In the game, players zap and beat their man to “train” him, i.e., prevent such unwanted behaviours as watching sport, leaving his clothes on the floor, or eyeing up other women.  This last crime apparently warrants the girl spraying mace in his eyes!

Boyfriend Trainer (more…)

The Resurrected Scroll of Resurrection, and Other News

Blizzard are encouraging WoW players to bring their friends back to the game, with the latest version of their Scroll of Resurrection.  The player referring their friend gets a Spectral Mount, while the returning player gets a free upgrade to Cataclysm, a boost to level 80 for one character, and free character move if required, so they can join their friend’s realm and faction.