Quantic Dream’s Kara and Other Videos

Quantic Dream have created an amazing demo video, featuring an android called Kara.  The video shows off new development tech and some fantastic writing too..

This video isn’t related to any game currently in development.. in fact this video comes from tech a year old now.. but Heavy Rain started as a tech demo, so I guess we’ll see.  A self-aware robot going out into the world?  So many possibilities..

Another video that caught my eye this morning was the Defenders of Ardania Gameplay Trailer.

Defenders of Ardania is a tower defense by Paradox Interactive, where you supplement your towers with an army to help stop the enemy as well as doing some attacking of your own.  Oh, and it’s set in the fantasy world of Majesty, so there’ll be spells too 🙂

The game has multiplayer, with two or four players in versus or co-op, with players taking on defensive or offensive sides, or both!

Also from GDC.. a trailer from the alpha build of Contagion; a survival horror FPS from Monochrome Games, the guys behind the Zombie Panic: Source mod!

Contagion will be focused on survival, with ammo conservation and randomly-generated levels.  Like in Zombie Panic: Source, fallen teammates return as zombies!  The co-op is planned to allow more than 4 people, too.

Then there’s a video from Irrational Games: the BioShock Infinite ‘Motorized Patriot’ Trailer which shows off one of the Heavy Hitter enemy types you’ll face in the game.. a crazed motorized patriot, with a rotating machine gun!

Destroying the Patriot allows Booker to take and use the weapon, which won’t be available elsewhere in the game!  Irrational Games will be introducing another of the Heavy Hitters next week.  The game itself is due on the 19th October, so there’s a while to wait yet!


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