Hacker Evolution: Untold Free on Green Man Gaming!

Green Man Gaming is giving away copies of Hacker Evolution: Untold, along with a 20% off voucher for further purchases on the store!

Hacker Evolution: Untold sets players in the role of Brian Spencer, programmer and creator of an AI technology which has achieved consciousness.  You are framed for a crime and must clear your name as well as try to prevent computer dominance.. by hacking, solving puzzles and collecting information..

Exosyphen Studios, creators of the Hacker Evolution series, will soon be giving away 3652 copies of Hacker Evolution Duality to celebrate the 3652 days (10 years) that the company have been in business.. more news to follow!

Indie Gala Bonus Time!

The Indie Gala Bonus has now unlocked for Valentine’s Day, adding exosyphen studiosHacker Evolution to all bundle levels!

Hacker Evolution is a hacking simulation game, with the player taking on the role of a former intelligence agent, hacking into computers and looking for exploits and information.

For those who unlocked the Big-Saver or Epic Gala Bundle, there’s also Ulrich Schnauss‘ album, Selection for Gala.

The download options for both the game and music can be found on your profile page on the Indie Gala website.

The Indie Gala 2

The Indie Gala has returned with their second set of bundles, containing indie games and music albums, with proceeds being split between developers, charity and the Indie Gala itself.

While it is a pay what you want scheme, this time it’s a little different, with three tiers of bundle available depending on how much you pay:

The Carebear Bundle contains Critical Mass by Manic Games Studios, Fortix 2, by Nemesys Games and Bunch of Heroes by NGD Studios along with Casey Lalonde’s Skitter EP, Giraffage’s Comfort, and The Numbers’ Beautiful EP.

The Big Saver Bundle contains all the contents of The Carebear Bundle, two more games: Greed Corp by Vanguard Games and Roboblitz by Naked Sky Entertainment, and music: Casey Lalonde’s Thank You, Robot Science’s Square, and Jack Butler’s Fit the Paradigm.

The Epic Gala Bundle contains all the games and music listed here, but also contains all the contents of the previous Indie Gala bundle: inMomentum by Digital Arrow, hacking sims Hacker Evolution: Duality and Hacker Evolution: Untold, by Exosyphen Studios, puzzler Your Doodles Are Bugged! by Spyn Doctor Games, and Sigma Team‘s Zombie Shooter 1 and Zombie Shooter 2, with Robot Science’s Doodads album too.

The Indie Gala

Another indie bundle?  Oh yes.. and at this point I’m starting to wonder how many different bundles the market can sustain..

The Indie Gala is another indie games bundle, where you pay what you want, money being split between developers, charity and websites.. these games arrive via email Steam codes, which I prefer to downloads as I don’t have to worry about backing it up anywhere.

This bundle contains another set of games I hadn’t really heard of: inMomentum, a sci-fi racing platform game by Digital Arrow, hacking sim Hacker Evolution: Duality, by Exosyphen Studios, 2d platformer Saira, by Nifflas Games, creative puzzler Your Doodles Are Bugged! by Spyn Doctor Games, and Zombie Shooter 2, an action RPG with zombies, by Sigma Team.

There are also some bonuses, only available for the first two days of the gala: Bonus DLC doodles for Your Doodles Are Bugged!, Sigma Team’s earlier game, Zombie Shooter 1, as well as the official theme for the series, and one of Exosyphen Studios’ other hacking sim games, Hacker Evolution: Untold.. their website lists a lot of similar games for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Windows Mobile too.

Over the day, IndieGala.com have sold over 18,000 bundles, but the average price paid is on the low side at just $1.30, or about £1.  I suspect they’d have had larger payments if they’d kept the bonuses for those who paid above the average.. though then again, those who didn’t know the games might have been put off that way.

I was a little reluctant to pick up the bundle at first due to not recognising the games.. but meh.. I’ve come across plenty of random games and loved them 🙂