The Humble Indie Bundle 4!

The Humble Indie Bundle 4 is now out, with another bunch of games to sit accusingly on my Steam list until I play them 😉

This time we’ve got: Jamestown, a scrolling arcade shooter by Final Form Games, music platformer Bit.Trip Runner by Gaijin Games, Super Meat Boy, the slightly-squicky puzzle by Team Meat, Shank, by Klei Entertainment, and Night Sky by NICALiS, which I already had from a previous bundle.

The bonus games this time were a sci-fi strategy called Gratuitous Space Battles, from Positech Games, and Cave Story+, a 2D platformer by NICALiS, which has been updated slightly from the original for this version.

I’m glad it’s nearly Christmas.. I need more time in the day! 😀