Sanctum is an FPS / Tower Defense hybrid from Coffee Stain Studios.. awesome studio name!

Awesome game too, with a building phase followed by the FPS phase while the enemies come to destroy your “Sanctum”.  After each wave, you can build more towers, upgrade existing towers, or upgrade your own weapons.

After a very quick run through the tutorial, learning about the teleporters which allow you to move around quickly in the FPS phase, I joined a friend for some co-op.  The game allows up to four players, so hopefully this is one we can all play at some point 🙂

We started off with a nice row or three of towers..

Following each round, we had an amount of resources for upgrades, which we alternated between improving towers and our own guns.

After a while we’d upgraded the towers quite a way.. the higher up the level, the more impressive the tower..

The slowfields were useful for keeping the enemies in front of certain towers for longer, although they slowed us too.  I found the Gatling towers created a nice shortcut between rows, allowing me to avoid the slowing effects.. but there was a rather nice touch in that the sound slowed down and changed pitch while on a slowfield, with the effect being stronger on more upgraded spots as you’d expect 😉

Some of the enemies were easier to deal with than others.. the flying enemies are normally the ones I have trouble with in Tower Defense, as they bypass my mazes, but our nicely upgraded towers at the back didn’t seem to have too much trouble.

All the enemies had a weak spot, but these were highlighted in orange so it was easy to know where to shoot.. the only difficulty was with the enemies with weak spots on their bobbling, swaying heads, which I dubbed an unrepeatable name. 😉

We had picked Endless mode, but with a few hours’ play and no sign of being defeated, we decided to leave it and come back another time.. hopefully with four of us 😉

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