The Indie Gala 4

The latest Indie Gala bundle is now available for purchase, again pay what you want, but with a beat the average price in place for two of the games and the bonuses which will only be revealed during the second week of sale.

Games listed are: A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, a side-scrolling platformer by Extend Interactive; arcade-style Alien Shooter, by Sigma Team; Disciples II: Gallean’s Return, a compilation edition of strategy game Disciples II and expansions Dark Prophecy and Guardians of the Light, by Strategy First; and Altitude, aerial combat from Nimbly Games; with Boss Baddie WAKE being revealed as the first of the bonus games.

The Indie Gala III

The newest Indie Gala bundle has now been revealed: this bundle contains three games, with another two unlocked for those who pay more than the average, as well as an unnamed bonus game.  There are also three secret bonuses to come next week, again for those who pay more than the average.

The first three games are: Trapped Dead, a third person isometric survival game by Crenetic; Greed: Black Border, a sci-fi action RPG by Clockstone Studio; Future Wars, strategy from Radon Labs.  The next two games are Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes, a story-driven RPG by Silent Dreams, and Twin Sector, a post-apocalyptic action story by Dns Development.

This bundle is available for another two weeks, with additional bonuses being unlocked during the second week.

Something for the Weekend

Diablo III will apparently not have PvP at launch, as the systems aren’t up to scratch yet.  Instead, they’ll be patched in when they are ready.  In the meantime, Blizzard are apparently putting the finishing touches on the game.. for which there is still no confirmed release date.

CryEngine 3 is now available for free non-commercial use!  AI, animations, dynamic lighting.. check out the preview from IGN:


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