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Diablo III will apparently not have PvP at launch, as the systems aren’t up to scratch yet.  Instead, they’ll be patched in when they are ready.  In the meantime, Blizzard are apparently putting the finishing touches on the game.. for which there is still no confirmed release date.

CryEngine 3 is now available for free non-commercial use!  AI, animations, dynamic lighting.. check out the preview from IGN:

The future of games is looking good!

Salem, the Crafting MMO, is another game from Paradox Interactive that deserves a bit of attention.  It’s to be a free to play sandbox MMO with crafting, farming and building systems, as well as open PvP and permadeath.. the developer diary released at GDC explains that some activities open you up to being tracked, so you could be hounded by the mob if you decide to lead a life of crime.  However, with the obvious opportunities for co-op, there could easily be scope for more organised crime too!

Indie Gala have added another game to their bundle.. a real blast from the past, from Running with Scissors: Postal!  Postal is a 3d shooter with mostly isometric play, where the player-character goes on a murderous rampage.. Postal Dude is insane, and believes he must kill everyone to cleanse the world.

The game caused quite a stir when it was originally released in 1997, with the violence being cited as a great evil.. the sequel, Postal 2, was banned in several countries.  Politicians crying about violence in videogames?  Some things never change..

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