The Xmas Bundle, and An Indie Bundle Round-Up

The Indie Royale have now launched The Xmas Bundle 2.0, containing six games at a current minimum price of £2.60.

The games are: Colour Bind, a colourful physics platform-puzzler by Puppy Punch Productions; Offspring Fling!, an action puzzle adventure by kylepulver; Serious Sam Double D, the hand drawn, side-scrolling shooter, by Mommy’s Best Games; Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, a turn-based RPG by Vlambeer; Puzzle Bots, a point and click adventure by Lively Ivy; and Little Kingdom, a turn based strategy land-grabbing game by AndreilGame.

Those who pay more than the average, currently £5.02, will also receive Yoann Turpin’s album, Rhythm’n’Bits.

Other indie bundles are still on sale: the Eclectic Delights Bundle in a Box has three days to go, with up to 10 games, a pre-order, and five unlockable OSTs for all; meanwhile, Indie Gala 11 ends today, making this your last chance for 10 games and 80s Stallone ‘Hotline’ album.

This week’s Indie Gala mini-bundles have been announced:  The Crazy Machines Bundle, and The Future Bundle.  The Crazy Machines Bundle features Crazy Machines, Crazy Machines 1.5, Crazy Machines 2 and Crazy Machines: Elements, all available on Steam; The Future Bundle features Future Wars, Space Trader, Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals, Greed and Wasteland Angel.

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