Syndrome Announced for 2016

Indie studio Camel 101 and Bigmoon Entertainment have announced Syndrome, a first person space survival horror, to be released for the PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mac and Linux in June 2016.


Duskers First Update

Duskers’ developers, Misfits Attic, have been listening to the community and have now updated the game with a variety of upgrades and fixes.


Zombie Studios Announce Daylight

Zombie Studios have announced their next game, Daylight.. a horror game built on Unreal Engine 4, where players take on the role of a woman who awakens in an abandoned asylum with no idea how she got there.

Zombie Studios - Daylight


Minion Master

Minion Master is a tactical board game, where players battle with armies of miniatures summoned and controlled via a customisable deck of cards.  It is currently available from the website and on Desura, with a campaign for Steam Greenlight running.

Minion Master - Minions Battle (more…)

Asylum – First Interactive Teaser

The first interactive teaser for point-and-click horror adventure Asylum is now live!  Asylum will allow players to explore the Hanwell Mental Institute, with a horror storyline which is being kept under wraps.

The download is available through this page, with versions for Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.


Fear 3 Completed!

I picked up F.E.A.R. 3 during the recent Steam sales.. and before I could get round to playing by myself, a friend invited me along to co-op..

The host of the game plays as Point Man, so I played as his brother Fettel.. back from the dead and ghostly, with some very interesting psychic abilities!  Without a body, I could still do damage from afar with a psychic blast, or up-close with a melee attack.. I could also levitate my enemies, pinning them in place for my friend to shoot.. a rather useful tactic at times, or shield him from damage.

My favourite by far was Fettel’s ability to take over and possess the various opposition forces we met!  All I needed was a clear line of sight to first suspend them, and then get into their head.. with Fettel’s evil laugh echoing in my ears!


A Machine For Pigs?

Frictional Games, creators of horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, have another game in the works, and over the past few weeks a few details have been released.. the game may be set in China, and will be another first-person survival horror.

The teaser site, now reveals a possible title: “A Machine For Pigs” as well as a release date of Autumn, 2012.

As always, people have dug through the clues and found a little more information, gathered on the Amnesia ARG Wiki.. and they have uncovered the possibility that The Chinese Room are involved in the making of this game too.  The Chinese Room were responsible for Dear Esther, as well as Nestlings, an experiment in story and mood, but they also created Korsakovia, an experimental horror mod about madness and the end of the world.

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