Fear 3 Completed!

I picked up F.E.A.R. 3 during the recent Steam sales.. and before I could get round to playing by myself, a friend invited me along to co-op..

The host of the game plays as Point Man, so I played as his brother Fettel.. back from the dead and ghostly, with some very interesting psychic abilities!  Without a body, I could still do damage from afar with a psychic blast, or up-close with a melee attack.. I could also levitate my enemies, pinning them in place for my friend to shoot.. a rather useful tactic at times, or shield him from damage.

My favourite by far was Fettel’s ability to take over and possess the various opposition forces we met!  All I needed was a clear line of sight to first suspend them, and then get into their head.. with Fettel’s evil laugh echoing in my ears!

Once I’d taken over an enemy, I could destroy them from within, or use them to attack other enemies.. each downed enemy dropped a ‘soul’ which refilled my possession meter.  I was a bit more reckless because of these, as I wanted to collect them before they faded away..

It wasn’t long before we were meeting creepy Cultists instead of the human security forces, but I just wasn’t as jumpy as usual.. maybe because of having a co-op partner, but maybe because I was revelling in how easy I found it to play.  In fact, new enemies offered new possibilities for possession!

One of the only enemies I wasn’t able to possess was the Scavenger.. they appeared around us as we climbed through the trains on The Bridge, leaping into our faces.  I was a little smug because they made my friend jump as much as I normally jump in horror games 😀

We also got to play with Mechs and Power Armour too.. I had to be in possession of a body to get into one in the first place, but once inside, there was no meter counting down and it was mine.

The Enhanced Power Armour was the most powerful, with missile launchers, machine guns and a shield.. they made short work of enemies 🙂

The horror part of the game returned in the rather run-down Ward, where we had to track down and destroy memories of the various tests and surgeries the young brothers had been put through.  We were attacked over and over by a Creep.. a physical manifestation of the memory of Harlan Wade.  He made us far more jumpy as he appeared out of nowhere each time, flooring whoever he caught and only disappearing when shot!

We got our chance to fight him once back in the dreamworld again..

Fettel has his own psychic attack, but I was pleased when the Creep summoned soldiers as this allowed me to steal a body again.. shooting felt more effective, and the stolen body gave me an extra ‘life’ 🙂

Once we’d dealt with Harlan, we got a cutscene where went to find Alma.. as per instructions, to destroy her horrible unborn child.  Fettel wants to save it, but only so he can absorb it and it’s powers..

The outcome was decided by our performance through the game; Point Man wins, and the child disappears.. maybe to be seen in the next game 😉

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