The Indie Gala 2

The Indie Gala has returned with their second set of bundles, containing indie games and music albums, with proceeds being split between developers, charity and the Indie Gala itself.

While it is a pay what you want scheme, this time it’s a little different, with three tiers of bundle available depending on how much you pay:

The Carebear Bundle contains Critical Mass by Manic Games Studios, Fortix 2, by Nemesys Games and Bunch of Heroes by NGD Studios along with Casey Lalonde’s Skitter EP, Giraffage’s Comfort, and The Numbers’ Beautiful EP.

The Big Saver Bundle contains all the contents of The Carebear Bundle, two more games: Greed Corp by Vanguard Games and Roboblitz by Naked Sky Entertainment, and music: Casey Lalonde’s Thank You, Robot Science’s Square, and Jack Butler’s Fit the Paradigm.

The Epic Gala Bundle contains all the games and music listed here, but also contains all the contents of the previous Indie Gala bundle: inMomentum by Digital Arrow, hacking sims Hacker Evolution: Duality and Hacker Evolution: Untold, by Exosyphen Studios, puzzler Your Doodles Are Bugged! by Spyn Doctor Games, and Sigma Team‘s Zombie Shooter 1 and Zombie Shooter 2, with Robot Science’s Doodads album too.

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