The War Z Pulled From Steam!

Kotaku have just reported that Hammerpoint Interactive’s controversial zombie survival MMO The War Z has now been pulled from Steam, with Valve calling the release “a mistake”.  The product page remains in place, though the game can no longer be purchased.

This follows widespread reports of misleading claims about the game content, forum censorship and unfair bans, and the War Z development team’s rude and condescending remarks about paying customers.  Our round-up of the War Z problems can be found over here.

Those who now wish to seek a refund through Steam can now do so by creating a ticket.

VGA 10 Trailers and Info Round-Up!

This year’s Video Game Awards, shown last night, was also the 10th anniversary of the VGAs.  This year’s show was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, and I have to just ask the question.. Why pick a host known for non-stop swearing, if you then have to censor half of what he says?  Anyways, I didn’t enjoy last year’s show at all.. so this time I’ve skipped through the show’s episodes on GameTrailers, looking for the interesting bits.. i.e., the trailers and news!

The first trailer was for Obsidian Entertainment‘s South Park: The Stick of Truth (from 4.54), and a rather interesting announcement trailer for The Phantom Pain, the debut game from Moby Dick Studios (from 10.45)!


A Weekend of TERA

I’ve spent most of the weekend playing TERA, in the last stages of the mmo’s closed beta stage.

TERA has been touted as a new breed of MMO, with enhanced combat and tactics, relying on timing and position, as well as aiming.  The game world is massive, with gorgeous graphics, and there are seven character races and eight classes to choose from.

TERA has been in the news for their races and clothing designs, though.. with the European version of the game having censored versions of some models.  I’ll come back to that..