Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC

The next DLC for Borderlands 2 has been announced: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, due for release on 15 January for PC and Xbox 360, and on the 16th for the PS3, and priced at £8/800 MSP.


VGA 10 Trailers and Info Round-Up!

This year’s Video Game Awards, shown last night, was also the 10th anniversary of the VGAs.  This year’s show was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, and I have to just ask the question.. Why pick a host known for non-stop swearing, if you then have to censor half of what he says?  Anyways, I didn’t enjoy last year’s show at all.. so this time I’ve skipped through the show’s episodes on GameTrailers, looking for the interesting bits.. i.e., the trailers and news!

The first trailer was for Obsidian Entertainment‘s South Park: The Stick of Truth (from 4.54), and a rather interesting announcement trailer for The Phantom Pain, the debut game from Moby Dick Studios (from 10.45)!


Borderlands 2: Mr Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage

The next DLC pack for Borderlands 2 is out today!  Mr Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage is an arena-based battle set in the Crater of Badassitude, with new enemies, new weapons, and new loot!


Black Ops II’s Midnight Launch and Other Things

Call of Duty: Black Ops II launches across the UK at midnight tonight!

Treyarch have already posted the security and enforcement policy for Black Ops II, listing the offenses which result in temporary and/or permanent bans for offenders.  (more…)

Borderlands 2: Mechromancer Out Early!

Borderlands 2’s first DLC, the Mechromancer, has been released early and is available today!

Gaige, the Mechromancer, is a new playable character with her own skill tree and abilities as well as a summonable pet robot, Deathtrap.  Those who preordered Borderlands 2 will get this DLC for free; otherwise it costs £8 on PC, or 800 MSP on the Xbox.

Borderlands 2 – Bring Friends? Ok Then!

I really enjoyed Borderlands.. ignoring my initial confusion over weapons, at least.  Once we’d sorted out the questing.. I don’t tend to like running back and forth between points without knowing what’s going on.. it was good fun with friends too.

So for Borderlands 2, I’m playing with friends again, though it does mean slow progress as we have to all be available at the same time.  This should give me a chance to check the story out properly, and explore a bit.. but I’m playing through Dragon Age: Origins still.  Can’t have everything, tho 😉

As one friend nabbed Zer0, I chose Maya, the Siren.  I wasn’t sure about her special ability at first.. I liked and wanted the Phasewalking ability still.. but Phaselock has turned out to be more useful to the group and a little bit more fun as I can trap huge enemies in the air!  The Mechromancer will be available in another two weeks, and as we all pre-ordered, we’ll be able to try her out, or fight over her, fairly soon 🙂


Borderlands 2 DLC and Season Pass

Gearbox have announced that Borderlands 2 is to receive four add-on campaigns after the launch of the game on September 21st, priced at 800MSP or $9.99 each, or available all together in the Season Pass bundle for 2400 MSP / $29.99.

The four add-on packs are scheduled to arrive by June 2013; more details to follow.

Gamescom 2012 Round-Up!

Gamescom 2012 started off with Sony’s press conference, with a selection of games for the PlayStation Vita.. Little Big Planet Vita, Killzone: Mercenary, and other games previously mentioned at E3: Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified; PlayStation All-Stars; Assassin’s Creed III Liberation, featuring a new female lead, Aveline; and Need for Speed Most Wanted, a Vita game with all the same features as the PS3 version, with a huge open world to explore.

Media Molecule’s new game Tearaway was demonstrated for the first time, with a lot of use being made of the Vita’s touch features.


Borderlands Completed!

I’ve had many false starts with Borderlands.. starting way back around Sept 2010, when we picked up a four-pack in a Steam sale, when I felt I was holding friends back and being confused by the guns.. a later attempt with a friend which I think ended in a lost savegame due to a Windows reinstall.. an attempt to play on lunchbreaks at work.. and finally, this one!

Seeing details coming out for Borderlands 2 gave me another nudge to get back to it.. it’s been a few months since we played last.  This isn’t to do with the quality of the game.. the game is great.. it’s to do with a variety of distractions, including the arrival of Skyrim 😉

When we played last time, we’d got ourselves killed over and over again in the Circle of Slaughter.

We returned to this after completing another mission or two, with a bit more determination to beat it.  We were killed again.. you really do need to use cover.. but went back in and beat it seemingly by glitch: far fewer enemies spawned and it seemed that it had just carried on from the point we’d reached in our last attempt, instead of returning to the start.

There were more ..interesting-looking enemies to fight.. the Rakk Hive in particular.  She spawned Rakks as well as poisonous clouds, so we had to move around a little while shooting.. we both had a sniper rifle, so aimed for the eyes to cause most damage!

I was glad my friend had recommended taking the left path on the approach to this fight, because it made aiming easier.. and we’d have been standing underneath it.. the Rakk Hive’s body remained as a solid object when it died, blocking us from getting at the chests!  I guess if we’d been fighting from underneath, it might have landed on us and trapped or killed us.

The last big fight of the game was at the Vault.. the contents of the Vault not being weapons or loot, but a huge beast called The Destroyer, which was imprisoned here!  Ammo was a bit of a problem, as The Destroyer has quite a lot of health.. and again, co-op wins out as there were a few instances where we needed to revive each other.  In single-player, this would have meant starting again, making a much harder fight!

Some of the DLC was on offer a while ago, so I still have that to play through.. but as the main story is done, I’m putting this one down as another game completed! 🙂

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