A Weekend of TERA

I’ve spent most of the weekend playing TERA, in the last stages of the mmo’s closed beta stage.

TERA has been touted as a new breed of MMO, with enhanced combat and tactics, relying on timing and position, as well as aiming.  The game world is massive, with gorgeous graphics, and there are seven character races and eight classes to choose from.

TERA has been in the news for their races and clothing designs, though.. with the European version of the game having censored versions of some models.  I’ll come back to that..


TERA Online Available to Pre-Order

Frogster, European publisher of MMO TERA Online, have announced pre-order details for the game.  Pre-ordering will allow guaranteed beta access and a five-day exclusive access to the game at launch, as well as special in-game items.

Beta testing begins on February 17th, with details on available sessions here.

TERA has been in the news over the last few weeks due to a lawsuit filed by NCsoft, and reported on by MMO Culture, and for their IP blocking which excludes players from some countries, including Russia, being unable to access Frogster servers in Europe.