Left 4 Dead 2 – Deathcraft II

Deathcraft II is a rather impressive mod and campaign for Left 4 Dead 2.. turning it into something that looks just like Minecraft!

The player models have been replaced with Minecraft figures, with rather decent skins.. and while the guns remain in their original form, melee weapon models have also been replaced with Minecraft tools.  I grabbed an iron sword when I first loaded in, which from the sound, may have been a crowbar..

There were plenty of Zombies in different outfits.. including the CDC zombies which dropped Boomer Bile.

Each Special Infected got a new model too, of course: Boomers become Creepers, Hunters become Slime, Jockeys become Spiders, Spitters become Skeletons, and Smokers become Endermen.. I thought they fit rather well, and was surprised how quickly I recognised which Special Infected was which.

The cramped rooms made the fights seem harder, and we were flooded with zombies.. an angry AI Director, I guess 😀

We met the Witch, who has been replaced by a Chicken, of all things!  She was harder to kill due to the small size; I couldn’t see her behind the zombies!  The Tank was at least large.. I had guessed at a huge Slime, or a different model entirely, forgetting about the Ghast..

The campaign had a few interesting crafting tasks in it.. in one room we had to make TNT and use it to blow a passage through the rock.. elsewhere we used pistons to stop lava and allow us to move on.

We didn’t need to go into the Aether for campaign reasons, but there were a few portals to tempt us..

I’ve not met the Ender Dragon in Minecraft so far, so I was pleased to get a good look here 🙂

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