Trialling WoW

As my gaming friends are now back in the clutches of Blizzard’s WoW, I figured I should maybe take a look at the game, under the premise of “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”.  So I signed up for a free 10 day trial, with the intent of buying the game if I liked it enough.

Here’s my first character: Snagglehorn, a Tauren Druid.

The referral system, Recruit a Friend, allows for an existing player’s account to be linked to the new player’s account.  This gives a few benefits in terms of increased experience and a nice Summoning ability.  This meant I got to go sight-seeing as well as figuring out how to play 😉

Flying between places reminded me of my quick foray into Aion, and while the graphical detail isn’t as high here, I was still quite impressed at the amount of detail which has been put into the game.

The subscription model was something I had rejected this game for, years back. I felt that buying a game should be enough, never mind paying for it month after month.  However, I understand that Blizzard are reasonably good at updating their product, and good companies deserve support.  There are also plenty of other games I’ve got my hands on which haven’t had the play-time to justify their price, so if WoW gets even a few hours play each month, it will be worth the fee.

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