Last Man on Earth

After a second week of Last Gnome on Earth, we have Last Man on Earth.  One survivor, only special infected.

Valve made some tweaks to prevent the incapacitating special infected from being game-ending.   This meant that when I was pulled by a smoker, my health went down as he struck me, but at the point I should have been incapacitated, he just let me go and stood around rather aimlessly.  Personally, I would have preferred they behaved as normal, even if that had meant a shorter game.  I imagine it was done so that people had more of a chance of making a good run through a level, but I think it could have been done differently – maybe with less range on attacks, less health, or slowing them down a little.

All in all, I thought this game mode was more strange than fun to play, and being the only survivor felt a little lonely.. especially running along the road as Coach with him calling out for other survivors.  I really have come to prefer this game with friends.

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