The Wrathgate and Beyond

After moving on to Northrend, the quests have been more grouped together, and following a rather more clear plot.  Moving on to Dragonblight, we got even more impressive plot line, with an increased use of vehicles and flight.

We failed one mission in amazing style: we were escorting some Taunka refugees who just couldn’t keep up with the Rocket..  we turned around to find they had stopped following us and died on the path.  We went a lot slower the second time, and managed to get them to safety 😉

I loved the look of the Forsaken buildings at Venomspite..

More quests involved playing with Blight specimens, including a particularly fun quest with some blight spreader vehicles.  After figuring out how to drive these, firing Blight bombs at the undead was quite satisfying 🙂

The very impressive Wrathgate was the last place to approach..

Outside the Wrathgate, there was a huge battle, which gave us a pretty epic cutscene to watch..

Horde and Alliance forces working together to call out the Lich King, only to be attacked from behind by the Forsaken!  Wait.. I thought they were on our side?

The Forsaken were driven back by the dragons, but only after plenty of death and destruction.  Oh, and fire!

Saurfang the Younger was killed by the Lich King, and so we headed back to Warsong Hold to tell his father, then to Orgrimmar.

Here we found many changes, with refugees camped out everywhere, and some unhappy shopkeepers..
In Thrall’s room, there were visitors: Sylvanas Windrunner, who had fled the Undercity, and Jaina Proudmoore, who had come to ask what the hell was going on..

I found this more motivating than the normal quests, with a bit more story to it.  The large scale battles were part of the draw too..

We headed to Undercity to take it back and kill those responsible for the backstabbing!  Here we were seriously buffed up, and for once I didn’t need to worry about my health bar 🙂

The bigger mobs were especially fun to hit while in this state, as were the large packs of mobs which I hit with AOE spell Mind Sear for lots of damage 🙂
Again, a nice change from normal as I normally heal team-mates rather than smack mobs.

The flying doomguards were harder to target as they were flying in and out of range.  Still, they eventually went down too..

Varimathras had been taunting us while we made our way through the Undercity, destroying the lift and later blocking off the corridor to the Royal Quarter.

We eventually got to him though, and started on him as he attempted to summon demons from portals around the room.
There was also another mysterious voice, telling Varimathras he has failed him.  Possible future quest line?

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