Spying and Engineering

We went for a bit of a change and played some TF2 this weekend!
Usually I play soldier as I find it the easiest class, but it’s good to try something else from time to time..

First up was the spy..

Disguises were easy enough to use, as was the cloak, but I had to learn to choose my battles.. my normal style of play involves firing at the first enemy I see!

After I’d had a bit of a mess around, we started sneaking into the other team’s base.. this meant lots of waiting to get past enemies in the doorways, or hiding under stairs hoping for engineers to leave their sentries for us to sap 😉

The cloak frustrated me a few times as I’d find myself in a great position to attack someone, but by the time the cloak was off and I could attack, my target had turned around.

The Engineer Update was released recently, and I joined some friends when they went to play with his new toys: Frontier Justice, a new shotgun; the Wrangler, a pistol/remote control for the sentry, and the Gunslinger which looks like a robotic hand, and even better, drops awesome mini-sentries!
Gamecrit have a great video with these new items in action on their YouTube channel here.

Again I had a friend give me some tips, such as building and upgrading sentries just outside the base, and then once finished, moving them closer to the frontline.   Moving buildings is a new ability, and it really allows the engineer to do more than simply defend.. for me this makes him a much more fun class to play.

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