Coal Collector!

The Great Gift Pile objectives are turning out to be a mix of quick and easy tasks and longer, more difficult challenges..

Atom Zombie Smasher: KringleJammer was fairly easy to get, as was the Rock of Ages: Snowball War.  Audiosurf: Candy Stripe required only the collection of red and white blocks in a line, but it took me a while to find something on my PC that played at the right pace to generate the blocks I wanted.  “Still Alive” was giving me blue blocks, so wouldn’t do for this!

Beat Hazard: Survive Christmas 10 required me to survive for 10 minutes.. and it took far longer than that!  After several attempts of under five minutes each, I realised I had unlocked some perks which might help: the Ultra DLC added Micro Missiles and a Reflect Shield which just about let me last long enough to complete the objective.

A harder achievement was the deliberate loss of a game in Fate of the World, where instead of trying to save the world, I led it towards global thermonuclear war and the Let it Glow achievement!  After a few attempts I ended up consulting the internet for tips on how to get the ‘right’ ending.. it turned out to be a rather tight list of instructions while hoping for the right random numbers to be generated each turn.  I think actually winning this game, as opposed to playing for an achievement, will be next to impossible as all territories seem to get annoyed with you very quickly! 😀

For another deliberate loss, I also tried to nuke Santa in DEFCON.. but found his movements too unpredictable, the AI too eager to react, and my supply of nukes too low for me to get him.  I quickly got bored of this, so I checked out the tips on the net again, and reduced the number of cities to 5 per territory, but then found the game crashing almost as soon as I launched a nuke!  Something to do with the latest update and Windows 7 🙁

Another not-quite-game objective was Winter Assault.. survive a 30 minute match on Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution, on one of the winter maps.  Four of us joined the game, with one going AFK immediately.. only interested in the achievement itself.. but three of us met in the middle to trade blows until we’d met our time requirement!  I wished for more Great Unclean Ones, but settled for a squad of Chaos Dreadnoughts instead 😀

With the completion of all these objectives, I’m collecting lots of coal along with vouchers which probably won’t get used.. two are for Valve.. I already own all their games, as do all my gaming friends.  Although, if anyone does want them.. 🙂

I did win one game via the giveaway.. Silent Dreams’ Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes, a fantasy role-playing game with strategic combat and a sense of humour.  The games in this giveaway are provided as a token, which can be added to your own inventory or traded.. so if you already own the game you win, you can give it away or trade it for something else.

A friend bought me Space Pirates and Zombies by Minmax Games, which I tried briefly last night.  After stumbling through the first couple of missions, I decided I need to be somewhat alert to play! 🙂

The Steam sales are ongoing, and I also picked up ACE Team‘s rather Monty Python-esque Rock of Ages, mentioned earlier, and Croteam‘s Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, and Serious Sam 3: BFE, with the first two games below £2 each, and Serious Sam 3 at a reasonable price, considering I wanted a copy for me and a copy for Tim.

Other women spend their money on shoes: I spend my money on games! 🙂

Chaos Rising – Pure

A friend and I finally got together to complete the last mission of our co-op campaign on Dawn of War II – Chaos Rising, having gotten most of the way through it back in January.

This last mission, Foul Play in the Chapter Keep, started with Predator tanks, which we were meant to use to clear the path for our later fights.. it was good to feel powerful and I would have liked to have mine for longer!  I was a bit disappointed when I lost control of the tank after being given my regular units back.

The Undoer thought we’d missed something, and ended up going down the path where Eliphas was hiding all by himself.. this meant Jonah got a little time laying on his back while the rest of the troops came to find him.  Eliphas put up a bit of a struggle, but not too much.. a warm-up for our future confrontation with Ulkair, the Great Unclean One and final boss.

Ulkair had his own arena..

Compared to other fights, this one was fairly tough and Force Commander Bob and Jonah had to take it in turns to tank him.  I was glad of Jonah’s healing skills as well as the invulnerability buff.. not the mention the nearby beacon where I had to keep reinforcing troops.

We took him down in the end, and were rewarded with a rather cool cutscene and a bit more story.

And there it is.. another game completed!  Next up: Dawn of War II – Retribution.. although I do want to play this again on the corrupt side! 🙂

Battle Brothers

Add another game to the ‘Completed’ pile, as Tim and I have now finished our co-op campaign on Dawn of War II! 🙂

The last few missions were a lot tougher, and running on towards the objective sometimes led to being swamped so we had to change tactic and be a bit more cautious.  Fighting off waves of Tyranids was fun, as it constantly felt as if we were going to be overrun, but just managed to scrape through.  I’ve no idea what this would be like on a harder difficulty.. 😀

I’ve still got Chaos Rising to complete before Retribution comes out, though I think this is one that needs to be completed in single-player first because of the corruption mechanic and wanting to play it my own way!