Two Point Hospital – Theme Hospital 2.0?

Two Point Hospital

It has been quite a while… for both of us… but back to gaming with a re-imaging of an old classic. Cast back to 1997 when Theme Hospital was released, along came crazy illnesses, silly treatments and a comedic humour. Skip forwards to 2018 and here is Two Point Hospital, brought to us all as a spiritual sequel to the original Theme Hospital. The team that has come together includes several names who brought us the original back in the late 90’s while working at Bullfrog.  While under a new name, they’re at it again.


Checking Out CorsixTH

I recently dug out our copy of Theme Hospital, but after a certain point the game just kept crashing.. so I went over to the still-in-development open source reimplementation of Theme Hospital, CorsixTH!

CorsixTH Emergency Incoming Patients with Invisibility


Old Games: Theme Hospital

I’ve had enough of the current crop of pre-order and retailer-exclusive-ridden, DLC and microtransaction-infested games.. and I’ve gone back to a slightly older game: Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital, from 1997!

Theme Hospital