Two Point Hospital – Theme Hospital 2.0?

Two Point Hospital

It has been quite a while… for both of us… but back to gaming with a re-imaging of an old classic. Cast back to 1997 when Theme Hospital was released, along came crazy illnesses, silly treatments and a comedic humour. Skip forwards to 2018 and here is Two Point Hospital, brought to us all as a spiritual sequel to the original Theme Hospital. The team that has come together includes several names who brought us the original back in the late 90’s while working at Bullfrog.  While under a new name, they’re at it again.

Sequel or Not?

In many ways it does feel like we are picking up a direct sequel, however in other ways it does stand on its own. The building mechanics, the hiring and staff management, the announcements and several other aspects of the game feel so familiar to anyone who played the original Theme Hospital. However, it is not just a direct clone, Two Point Hospital adds much more complexity and style to the original. The vivid and detailed art style epxands the game, allowing the player to zoom in (or out), rotate and move about throughout your entire hospital. This gives you an easy way to check out what is going on and how the staff and patients are, manage and create new rooms and generally oversee the workings of your new hospital.



The introduction guides you through the initial setup of a hospital and starts to introduce the flow of how patients will move through the hospital from initial GP Diagnosis through further checks, stops in a ward, through to eventual treatment. Conditions such as Lightheadedness and Verbal Diarrhoea stick to the comedy of the original, the animations of the various machines and treatments at work just add to the experience. It is so easy to end up watching the machines at work and let the hospital run itself. As you play, you will find that its not all treatments and success, the darker side to hospitals does still exist.

It can be quite easy to let patents die if you don’t have the right treatments or if they take too long in diagnosis. While death exists in the game, it is done in a light enough manner, some patients will leave ghosts who haunt your hospital until a janitor comes with a handheld vac to remove them (but only if they have the right skills).



The game continues to add to the compleixty allowing you to hire, fire, promote and give payrises to staff. When you are hiring staff, you have to look at their skills, as some staff won’t be able to work in certain areas of your shiny new hospital. Specialists exist, and have bonuses if they work in their chosen field. One of the more advanced options is to allow you to pin certain staff members to do certain jobs. While this feature does exist and adds more complexity, you can successfully play the game without even touching on these more advanced controls.

Two Point Hospital is currently on 10% off launch offer on Steam, Do I recommend it? Definitely… Go get it now!

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