Checking Out CorsixTH

I recently dug out our copy of Theme Hospital, but after a certain point the game just kept crashing.. so I went over to the still-in-development open source reimplementation of Theme Hospital, CorsixTH!

CorsixTH Emergency Incoming Patients with Invisibility

CorsixTH is only up to version 0.11, but it seems to run just as well as the original game.. and the higher resolution is great 🙂

I’ve had a few bugged handymen, freezing up occasionally and then being completely unresponsive, even when fired.. this results in them standing around with an icon of a little angry face above their heads!  Tim remembers them bugging in the original game too, so I guess it’s no big deal.  Keeping the patients alive and moving from one room to the next seems to be the bigger issue! 😉

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