Mann vs. Machine goes Live

Mann vs. Machine, the new co-op game for TF2 is now live!

This mode lets you and five friends work together to fight off waves of robots.. upgrade weapons, items and abilities.. and claim the spoils of war in the form of cosmetic items, in Mann Up mode.

Mann Up Mode is played on official Mann Co. servers, with entry limited to players who own a Tour of Duty Ticket.  Tour of Duty Tickets can be purchased from the Mann Co. Store for £0.59.

The Mann Up Mode exclusive Tour of Duty is a collection of missions which may span multiple maps; progress is tracked via a Tour of Duty badge automatically granted after the first successful mission.  Completing the entire Tour of Duty gives a player a random rate item and an upgraded Tour of Duty badge; they can then repeat the missions.  There is only one Tour of Duty at this time, with more to be released in the future.

Additional chances to earn new items can be won by using Squad Surplus Vouchers; these can also be bought from the Mann Co. Store for £1.29.  Squad Surplus Vouchers can be redeemed by presenting them at the start of a mission, and if players then beat the mission, they will all receive an extra item per item redeemed.

Tour of Duty Tickets and Squad Surplus Vouchers are consumed when players successfully complete a mission and earn new items.

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