Planet Explorers

Planet Explorers is an open world, voxel based, sandbox adventure RPG in development by Pathea; alpha 0.41 is available for download now.

The game uses a new OpenCL system based on the Unity 3D engine, and allows players to modify the terrain and create new objects in any form, wherever they like.. check out the Build and Create trailer:


Back to Modded Minecraft!

I’ve wanted to come back to the Technic Pack for a while.. but I had put it off because of messing around updates and .bin files.. I was still playing with VoxelSniper on an old server build and was avoiding updating my client.  However, two things happened: I discovered the rather awesome Technic Launcher, which lets you switch between vanilla and a few Minecraft mods from a nice drop down list.. and a friend decided that he wanted to try out the Technic Pack too, and replaced our regular Minecraft server with a Tekkit server.


A Game of Dwarves

Paradox Interactive have just announced that they are to publish A Game of Dwarves, a strategy game by Zeal Game Studios for PC and PS3.

A dwarven prince is on a quest to reclaim his people’s country, travelling across a continent and unearthing the buried mysteries of the Great War.

The gameplay consists of exploration, building and controlling various dwarven settlements in order to strengthen your clan.  Each level starts with a new, uniquely-generated world which you must explore and build your settlement in, with the building options allowing some freedom to design great-looking as well as practical homes for your dwarves.

The dwarves themselves level up as you progress, gaining new skills and becoming stronger warriors or master craftsmen.

As you dig deeper in search of the resources you’ll need to improve your buildings and equipment, you’ll also need to be prepared to defend your settlement from the enemies lurking in the depths..


Terrorhedron is an eight player, 3d co-op tower defense game by indie developers MCRO Games.  This tower defense game is rather different from other tower defense as in Terrorhedron, you build and program your own turrets!

You can building turrets from a set of 3d building blocks, with 4- or 6- facing platforms, then a choice of seven types of turret: laser, EMP, Plastic Pulse, Photon Pulse, Energy Vacuum, Plasma Beam and Finance Generator.  You can program each turret to prioritise different enemies; faster moving targets, those closest to the turret or the end of the maze, or the strongest, which gives you a lot of choice in terms of strategy.  Target the strongest enemies at the beginning of the maze, leaving the weaker targets to be mopped up by later turrets, or use the EMP to slow them all down and allow more firing time..

The enemies in this game are coloured spheres, with different strengths and speeds.  As they take damage they change speed, with the weakest targets turning green and travelling at a set speed, but higher strength balls becoming either faster or slower.  You have 100 lives to start with, and although you regenerate a life per round, later on you encounter enemies which are worth a lot more, so your setup of towers has to be able to cope with the changes of speed as well as enemy strength.

Terrorhedron is available via, for just $5.

Terraria Take Two

I decided to restart my single-player game as being too close to the Corruption meant I wasn’t going to get much time actually building, exploring, and making the awesome weapons I’d seen in multiplayer.  With only Slimes and Zombies, and the occasional Demon Eye pestering me, building my first room was rather easy 🙂

This time, my Guide waited patiently on the hill, rather than running off into danger!

As in Minecraft, I soon went underground looking for resources.
I find myself getting mentally stuck on this kind of thing at times, feeling like I need to collect resources before I can get on with the rest of the game.. I think this could get a little obsessive..

I’m finding very few resources so far.. but I have been able to collect enough wood and stone to extend my house, and I’ve finally had a Merchant move in!

Terraria is also turning out to be rather a hit.. showing that indie developers can be very successful with the right idea at the right time.  The game has been out for nine days and has sold 200,000 copies and has been at the top of the Steam sales charts.. a very good place to be! 🙂